Mathematical Association of America Honors Southeast Professor



Jan. 11, 2008 – Dr. Victor Gummersheimer, chair of the Department of Mathematics and professor of mathematics at Southeast Missouri State University, recently was recognized by the Mathematical Association of America (MAA) with a Certificate of Meritorious Service.

The Certificate of Meritorious Service is presented for service at the national level or for service to a section of the Association. The first such awards were made in 1984. At each January meeting of the Association, honorees from severalsections are recognized.

“I accept this Meritorious Service Award with sincere thanks to the MAA and my colleagues and friends in the Missouri Section. I have enjoyed working with these talented people who recognize the value of the MAA and are willing to work tirelessly for the benefit of the mathematical community,” Gummersheimer said. “The contributions I have made over the years are due in part to the leadership and example of my first department chairperson, Harold Hager, who early on introduced me to the section organization, objectives and opportunities to serve.”

Gummersheimer has been employed as a faculty member at Southeast since the fall of 1976. He quickly became involved in the MAA and was section chair in 1983, organizing the annual section meeting in 1984. This commitment involved a three-year tour as a section officer, starting as vice chair in 1982 and concluding as past chair in 1985. He served as secretary/treasurer from 1989 to 1992 and as newsletter editor from 1993 to 1999. During these next two tours of service, Gummersheimer was always known for his professionalism in performing his assigned duties. His fourth and final tour of service was as section governor from 2000 to 2003. During this time, the section remained strong, and he helped to involve new people in the section, both as officers and at section meetings.

He also has served on section nominating committees several times and has assisted with section meetings. When the MAA started the Departmental Liaison program, Gummersheimer volunteered to be the liaison for Southeast, a position he continues to hold. During his 12 years as department chair, involvement in the MAA section among faculty members in the Southeast Department of Mathematics has increased. He encourages involvement at all levels, as witnessed by the many section officers who have come from Southeast and the large contingent that comes to the section meeting each year. In 2007, 11 Southeast faculty members attended, along with nine students.

Gummersheimer also has encouraged faculty involvement at the national level. Four faculty members are Project NExT Fellows, the late Dr. Jim Bruening, formerly a professor of mathematics at Southeast, was governor and coeditor of the College Mathematics Journal Problem Section, and Dr. Tim Ray, associate professor of mathematics, is chair of the MAA Committee on Departmental Liaisons.

In light of his sustained and significant record of service in section government, involvement at the section and national level with the Liaisons program and national meetings, and his encouragement of Southeast faculty to be involved in the MAA, association officials say Gummersheimer is highly deserving of the Meritorious Service Award.