Media Focus on ‘Celebrity Voyeurism’ to be Topic of COMMrades’ Fall 2007 Speakers Showcase



Aug. 22, 2007 – The news media’s focus on “celebrity voyeurism” will be the topic at the COMMrades’ Fall 2007 Speakers Showcase scheduled for noon Aug. 30 in the University Center Ballroom at Southeast Missouri State University.

The featured speaker will be Amber Hannahs, a Southeast senior from Anna, Ill., majoring in video production. In her speech, Hannahs will explore the news media’s interest in covering “celebrity voyeurism” rather than reporting on current events, said Dr. Glen Williams, professor of communication studies at Southeast. In her speech, Hannahs also will discuss how most Americans are content with being entertained rather than informed, Williams said.

“She notes the harmful consequences for our society in terms of our values, as well as our ability to sustain a deliberative democracy,” he said.

The Speakers Showcase is for students newly enrolled in SC105 “Fundamentals of Oral Communication” as well as anyone else who would benefit from seeing what a good speech consists of, Williams said. Students in SC105 study the oldest academic discipline known to mankind – public speaking.

The Speaker Showcase, held every semester, is now in its seventh year. The speech and the discussion that follows, provide a good model for newly-enrolled students to follow.

“The event is open to the public for anyone interested in public speaking,” Williams said.

The Speakers Showcase is sponsored by the Southeast Department of Communication; the student organization, COMMrades; Horizon Screen Printing; Buffalo Wild Wings; and Cape West 14 Cinema.

For more information, call the Williams at (573) 651-2493 or visit