‘National Geographic World Talk’ to Premiere on KRCU 90.9 FM


CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo., Dec. 21, 2004 — Public radio station KRCU 90.9 FM announces plans to air “National Geographic World Talk,” a weekly series of riveting conversations with National Geographic photographers, scientists and explorers about their adventures and discoveries.

Hosted by Peter Laufer and distributed by Public Radio International, “National Geographic World Talk” will begin airing Sundays at noon following “To the Best of Our Knowledge,” beginning in January.

“This is a fascinating series,” says General Manager Dan Woods, “and is exactly the kind of entertaining, highly informative programming our listeners can embrace. Who wouldn’t want to hear Louise Leakey joke about humanity’s origins from her tent on the African savannah, or hear photographer Steve Winter describe his close encounter with a pool of Burmese quicksand? ‘National Geographic World Talk’ is engaging, informative radio, and I’m very pleased to add this series to our broadcast schedule.”

“National Geographic World Talk” takes listeners on a rocket-powered roller coaster ride around the world. Hosted by journalist and author Peter Laufer, each hour-long program probes the latest discoveries and greatest adventures of the scientists, photographers and explorers who constantly revolutionize the way we see the world.

Laufer’s impressive guest list includes arctic explorer Borge Ousland, author Peter Benchley, photographers Carol Beckwith and Angela Fisher, oceanographer Sylvia “Her Deepness” Earle, and many others. Laufer talks informally with his guests to illuminate the always fascinating, often difficult, and regularly ground-breaking work they do.

National Geographic World Talk is produced by National Geographic’s Mark Bauman and is distributed nationally by Public Radio International.

KRCU 90.9 FM is Cape Girardeau’s local Public Radio International affiliate and a National Public Radio member station, providing national and local programs that are both informative and entertaining. For more information, visit www.krcu.org.