NCAA Recertifies Southeast Division I Athletics Program



Feb. 19, 2004 – The NCAA Division I Committee on Athletics Certification announced today that it has recertified Southeast’s Division I Athletics Program.

The committee endorsed Southeast’s athletics programs at its Jan. 21-22 meeting. The recertification is for a 10-year period. “Certified” means that Southeast is considered to be operating its athletics program in substantial conformity with operating principles adopted by the Association’s Division I members.

The purpose of athletics certification is to ensure integrity in the institution’s athletics program and to assist institutions in improving their athletics departments. NCAA legislation mandating athletics certification was adopted in 1993. The recertification process at Southeast began in 2001.

Don Kaverman, Southeast Director of Athletics, said he is pleased with today’s recertification announcement.

 “The certification is the culmination of a two-year effort that involved a lot of people both on and off campus,” he said. “I am grateful that the Division I Committee on Athletics Certification showed confidence in our athletics program and the manner in which it is operated. This certification is as significant for the Department of Athletics as the North Central Accreditation is for the University. It is an important process that resulted in the desired outcome.”

Kenneth W. Dobbins, president of Southeast Missouri State University, said, “I would like to thank Dr. Chris McGowan, dean of the College of Science and Mathematics, and the other members of the University Self-Study Committee for the Recertification of the Athletic Programs to Division I by the NCAA. They provided many hours of service in this very important process. We are grateful for their tremendous leadership with this endeavor.”

McGowan added, “I would like to thank everyone in the community and on campus who brought this project to a successful completion. I appreciate their efforts.”

The certification process, which is a self-study led by an institution’s chief executive officer, includes a review of several primary components: governance and commitment to rules compliance; academic integrity; fiscal integrity; equity; welfare; and sportsmanship. All 326 Division I members participate in the certification process.

 The Division I Committee on Athletics Certification preliminarily reviews an institution’s certification materials, and then provides a list of issues identified during the evaluation. The University then has a period of about one year to respond in writing to the issues before a final certification decision is rendered.