New Computers Being Installed This Summer at Area Higher Education Centers



May 20, 2005 – Beginning this week, Southeast Missouri State University is installing about 85 new computers in labs at the higher education centers in Sikeston, Malden and Kennett, Mo.

“By the time summer school starts in June, we will have in place one complete new lab in each center, all with new equipment,” said John Weber, assistant vice president for information technology and chief information officer at Southeast Missouri State University.

Technicians began installing the new hardware at the three centers this week. The labs are being outfitted with Shea computers featuring 2.8 gigahertz processors and flat screen monitors

The new equipment will be up and running when the summer session begins June 14.

The hardware replaces five- to six-year-old computer equipment belonging to Three Rivers Community College.

“They should have replaced it quite a while ago,” Weber said.

Once the summer session begins in June, Southeast technicians will work on updating equipment in a second lab in each of the centers as well. These labs will be outfitted with an additional 85 computers.

“Students will find the new equipment to be quicker and more reliable,” Weber said. “Students can expect more performance out of them than what they had before. They are three to four times better than what they had.”

He says computers in labs on the main campus are all less than one year old. He says the University is committed to investing this same level of quality in computer technology at the centers. The intent, he says, is to get computers at the centers up to the same speed, reliability and on the same replacement cycle as those on the main campus.

The centers in Sikeston, Malden and Kennett also will likely see new combination copier/printers installed this summer as well, Weber said.