Southeast Launches Involvement Ambassadors Program


involvement ambassador2CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo., Oct. 10 2014 – Student Government and Campus Life & Event Services at Southeast Missouri State University has launched the Involvement Ambassadors program, an initiative to increase student involvement on campus and strengthen retention rates University-wide.

“The goal of the program is fairly simple, although it has a huge impact. The program is attempting to increase involvement on campus by a larger percentage of the student population.  We believe there is something for everyone here at Southeast.  We want to make certain we are letting students know about all of the available opportunities so we can increase our reach,” said Michele Irby, director of Campus Life & Event Services.

Involvement Ambassadors are undergraduate students involved in various organizations across campus. These students serve as peer advisors who assist other students looking to become involved on campus through one-on-one meetings geared toward matching them based on similar interests.

involvement ambassadorThe initial idea of creating Involvement Ambassadors was first brought about during a School Spirit and Engagement consultation visit last year. According to Irby, one of the recommendations was to launch an Involvement Ambassador program, similar to those at other universities.

Junior Parker Butler of East Prairie, Missouri, is a current Involvement Ambassador and credits the program for being an innovative way to get students more engaged with the campus community.

“The program has been going well so far. The students we have met with have joined organizations and found new campus programs to be a part of. All the research shows that students who get involved are generally happier with their college experience and do better academically. Involvement also tends to look better on a resume,” said Butler.

As this is a new program, Involvement Ambassadors have setup several ways to promote their message and draw attention to this new service.

“We have had information tables in the lobby of the University Center. We have held some information sessions about the program. We have participated in the mandatory informational meetings that all student organizations must attend to stay in good standing with the University. We presented about the program this summer at Camp Redhawk.  We have also presented to UI 100 classes, residence hall floors and student organization meetings,” said Irby.

For more information, or to meet with an Involvement Ambassador, email, phone (573) 651-5191 or stop by the Center for Student Involvement, Room 204 of the University Center.