New Purchasing Thresholds Announced


Effective July 1, 2019, Purchasing threshold amounts have been revised as follows:

  • $0.01-$10,000: Purchases can be made without quotes being submitted to Purchasing. However, departments are encouraged to obtain quotes to ensure the best price and value is being received. These quotes should be retained by individual departments for one year.
  • $10,000.01-$50,000: Purchases require the submission of at least two (2) comparable specification quotes to Purchasing with the purchase requisition. The lowest quote will be used unless written documentation is provided that justifies why a higher quote is the best method that meets the needs of the University.
  • $50,000.01 or higher: Purchases must be made through the formal solicitation process and be competitively bid, unless the purchase has been documented to be a sole source or the quote is obtained from a state contract or other cooperative contract/agreement.

Fore more information or additional guidance, refer to the Purchasing Policies and Procedures website or contact Purchasing at or (573) 651-2202.