New VoIP Phone System Going Live May 29


Information Technology (IT) is planning to cut over to the new VoIP phone system for the main campus after the close of business on May 29. It will take about an hour to get the incoming phone lines routed to the new VoIP phone system and several hours to move the remaining analog lines (credit card, alarms, emergency phones, etc.) to the new system. After the cut over, all calls will go through the new IP phones. Everyone should have a new phone on their desk by the end of this week. Contact IT at ext. 2575 or email if you don’t have one.

No voicemails or recordings can be transferred from Audix (old phone system) to the new system. Please check Audix (ext. 2660 from on campus and (573) 651-2660 from off campus) for any new messages prior to 5 p.m. on May 29. After the cut over, Audix will only be accessible via your old phone through the end of the day on June 5 to allow you to retrieve any voicemails that were left prior to the cut over. When you return to campus, you can set up voicemail on your new phone. You do this by pressing the Envelope button on your phone. Then follow the prompts. When it asks for a password, just press #. It will then prompt you to create a password and have you record your name. You can do this at any time, or beginning May 30, if you are still working from home, you can call (573) 651-2660 to access the new voicemail system remotely and follow the same process.

By default, your voicemail is currently configured to send you an email with an audio file of the message attached (this option can be changed in the voicemail settings on your phone, see Visual Voicemail link below). The email you receive will look similar to the example below except it will have your name and extension.

Departments with call centers will want to test and make sure all the prompts and recordings are configured correctly prior to the cut over. You can have a staff member login (there should already be a login button programmed on the display screen) and make sure test calls get routed to them.

An online form allows you to choose how your phone buttons located next to the display are programmed. It can be completed at any time and does not have to be done before the cut over to the new system.

IT is offering several training sessions via Zoom. Sign-ups can be done through IT also has short videos on its website (or click on the links below) that show how to perform the basic functions on the new phones. Additional videos as well as information on the desktop and mobile app will be coming later.


Answering Incoming Call

Place an Outgoing Call

Extension Call


Place Calls on Hold

Transfer a Call

Conference Calls

Voicemail Menu

Visual Voicemail