Newly Endowed Scholarship for Foreign Language Students Honors Helen Cleaver


foreign-language-spanishThe Helen Cleaver Endowed Scholarship has been established through the Southeast Missouri University Foundation.

Dr. Frank Gregory Dickey of Cape Girardeau, Missouri, made a $10,000 gift to the Foundation to establish the award. He is professor emeritus of the Department of Educational Administration and Counseling and taught at Southeast Missouri State University from 1966 to 1988.

The scholarship will be awarded to foreign language students with an overall minimum grade point average of 2.0 and a major minimum grade point average of 3.0. The funds may be applied toward tuition or study abroad.

The gift is in honor of Helen Cleaver, who taught at Southeast from 1933 to 1973.  She was the chair of the Department of Modern Languages, Anthropology and Geography.  The 1960 “Sagamore” was dedicated to her “with profound and deep admiration,” stating, “Her congenial smile, delightful sense of humor, and varied interest in and contribution to the cultural life of the campus and community have won for her the respect, admiration, and affection of countless numbers of students, faculty and friends.

“Miss Cleaver has provided an invaluable portion of all that is meaningful and worthwhile at Southeast Missouri State College.  And because we have long witnessed her endless reserve of energy and enthusiasm, we feel she must have thought as the late Albert Camus so well said, ‘In the midst of winter, I found within me an invincible summer.’  It is this ‘invincible summer’ which so much endears her to all those who know and love her.”

Eligible students are welcome to apply each year.

For more information, contact the Southeast Missouri University Foundation at (573) 651-2203 or