Next Edition of ‘Tech Talk’ Now Available


Information Technology (IT) has published the sixth issue of its quarterly e-magazine, “Tech Talk,” in an effort to enhance communication and technology awareness. The 2017 October issue contains items of interest and technology that may impact users within the University community while at work or home. This issue can be accessed from the Guides section of the Information Technology website, or at

Topics in this edition include security tips while online at home, the workplace and while traveling; virtual and augmented reality; passwords and the password reset program; steps to prevent being hacked; protection from blue lights; equipment overheating; Outlook tips and tricks; and information that will help the University community keep up with happenings in the IT Department.

Southeast readers are encouraged to help improve future editions of “Tech Talk” by submitting topic suggestions or contributing content to IT. To submit a topic suggestion, visit To submit an article, email