Next Edition of ‘Tech Talk’ Now Available


techtalk239x300There’s an app for that, and that, and that! It’s amazing to recognize, and possibly own, technology that was once portrayed or alluded to in science fiction books and movies. Technology is a constant in all of our lives, at work, at home and at play.

In an ever changing field, it is almost impossible to keep your knowledge up to date. While technology information is abundant and readily available, collectively, it is difficult and time consuming to gather this information from one location. In an effort to better serve and meet the needs of Southeast’s campus community, Information Technology has launched a quarterly technology news e-magazine, Tech Talk.

The third issue, October 2016 Tech Talk, can be accessed from the Information Technology menu or at Topics include: Cyber Security Awareness, Private Browsing, Connecting with Students, Travel and Expenses Management, and much, much more.

Available solely online, Tech Talk contains articles covering topics such as: technology use, hardware/devices, software, apps, security, and events, as well as spotlighting projects involving Information Technology. TechTalk is considered our tool to inform the campus community of ways to use technology, to know what and where technology is available, to become more effective and efficient when using technology, and bring an awareness of technology events that may affect the campus community.

Students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to participate in this quarterly endeavor by:

  1. Alerting us of your interest to learn more about a particular technology, or
  2. Becoming an author by submitting an article at or

Help us meet your technology needs, as well as the needs of this campus. Consider spotlighting or introducing a technology used in your department or at home.