‘Oil Is History’ Artist Reception Planned for Early December



Nov. 14, 2008 – An artist’s reception to celebrate the “Oil is History” artwork collection of Louise Anne (L.A.) Marler is scheduled for Thursday, Dec. 4, in the library at Southeast Missouri State University.

Marler will deliver brief comments on the collection at 4 p.m. The collection has been on display in Kent Library this semester.

“The ‘Oil is History’ collection of work invokes sentimental memories as well as inspiration for people to use alternative fuels,” Marler said. “These photos tell the bittersweet story of the industrial age decline as the mid-century American prizes return to the earth.” 

Zooming to near abstraction, she intimately observes the details of the resting heaps of iron.  Her titles are sharply-focused commentaries, illustrating a playful sense of humor and cunning truths. The “Oil is History” collection was captured as it was found, using natural light, 35 millimeter and digital Canon cameras.

Marler uses these emotional photos as a bridge at a critical point in time, considering the past and taking the lesson forward.  Our lifestyles and environmentally friendly choices are intertwined, according to Marler.  She says she hopes to affect individuals’ choices and reduce their carbon imprint, stop global warming and ultimately stop wars.

“By sharing these beautiful images and memories in conjunction with information about new energies, I am hoping to help create our new reality of ‘Oil is History,’” Marler said. “Like the extinct dinosaurs that eventually created oil are interesting creatures of the past, so are these fossil fuel guzzling vehicles.  Ironically the climate change caused the extinction of the dinosaurs and now is a primary reason for humans to choose to terminate this form of transportation or become extinct themselves.”

A native of St. Louis County and a graduate from Southeast Missouri State University who now resides in Santa Monica, Calif., Marler continued her education at Santa Monica College and Scripps College along with her own independent studies.  Now with 15 years experience, her art has been seen in numerous movies and television shows, such as “Two and A Half Men,” “CSI Miami,” “ER,” “Six Feet Under,” “Bernie Mac” and “Reba.”

Marler has become a nationally recognized, local artist and photographer whose work is produced as Gicleé fine arts prints, as well as fashion and stationary lines.

“My inspiration is passion for communicating,” she said. “Usually it comes from wanting to celebrate a place or comment about something.  May favorite subjects are nature, vintage Americana, machines and my toolbox, which is infinite.”  

For more information, visit www.lamarler.com.