Parking Services Offers Safety Tips for Scooters, Motorcycles on Campus


by News Bureau on Friday, Sep. 23, 2011

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo., Sept. 21, 2011 –Just as Southeast Missouri State University has experienced 3.6 percent increase in fall 2011 enrollment, the number of motor scooters and motorcycles on campus has increased as well.

As a result of that increase, safety concerns are raised regarding the operation of and parking for scooters and cycles. Beth Glaus, manager of parking and transit with the Department of Public Safety, shares some useful tips to help cyclists, motorists and pedestrians remain safe on campus. Motorized scooters and motorcycles:

• Must be registered with Parking Services located in the Department of Public Safety, 1401 N. Sprigg. This allows Southeast officials to track the number of scooters and motorcycles on campus and, if necessary, to contact their owners.

• Should display a valid University parking permit affixed on the front fork, fender or windshield. The permit must be visible from the front of the motorcycle. Permits are available from Parking Services

• Should be driven on the street, and drivers should obey established traffic laws. Scooters should not be driven on sidewalks; it becomes very dangerous for pedestrians as well as cyclists when scooters attempt to merge with traffic when the sidewalk ends. Motor scooters also should not be driven on the Transitway, service roads, private drives, lawns or green spaces.

• Should be driven safely with drivers observing the University speed limit of 15 miles per hour.

Parking of Motorized Scooters and Motorcycles

Motorized scooters and motorcycles:

• Should park in designated motorized scooter/motorcycle parking areas.

• Less than 50 ccs may park in bicycle racks and scooter spaces.

• Greater than 50 ccs should park in scooter spaces.

• Should not park or be stored in University buildings.

• Should not be leaned up against buildings and walls or chained to trees.

• Should not be parked on sidewalks or in the hash-marked areas around handicap spaces. Parking on sidewalks can pose difficulties for people with disabilities attempting to navigate around them.

• Should not park between two parked cars or in such a way that prevents automobiles from parking parallel to the curb.

• Should not be parked on the Transitway, service roads, private drives, lawns, green spaces or adjacent to any building unless a designated motorized scooter/motorcycle parking area exists there.

Glaus said Parking Services is currently exploring options for temporarily increasing scooter parking on campus. Additional permanent scooter parking is also being considered, she said.

Beginning the first week of October, scooters and motorcycles that are not registered with current Southeast parking stickers and scooters that are parked illegally will be towed. Scooter and cycle owners will be responsible for towing fees, storage fees and any violations associated with the vehicle at the time it was towed. Owners must also be prepared to show proof of ownership and Southeast ID number at the time the vehicle is released from the towing service impound lot.