Payment and Billing Changes Take Effect Dec. 4


Southeast is transforming its Cashiering and Student Payment experience, partnering with a leading higher education payment provider, Cashnet®. Effective Dec. 4, students, faculty and staff will be directed to the new payment platform through the current “Pay/View my Bill” link within self-service.

With this change, many enhancements will be added. The new SEMO-Pay platform will provide the ability to:

  • Experience a re-designed look, with simplified navigation
  • Create an e-wallet with saved payment methods
  • Establish reoccurring auto-debit payments
  • View PDF bills, a full account history, and payment receipts
  • Access 1098-T tax statements through the portal
  • Receive text message reminders about bills

Students, faculty and staff will be able to grant SEMO-Pay access to an Authorized User, who may pay on their behalf, view account details and take advantage of the other benefits listed above. If an Authorized User is already established in the current system, this access will need to be re-established in the new platform after Dec. 4.

Southeast implemented online credit card payments in September 2015, and those choosing to pay University account balances with a credit card paid a service fee. Since implementation, Southeast has experienced a consistent increase of online payments, both through credit cards and electronic checks. There have been continual changes to credit card processing and service fee rules from the major card brands (Visa, Mastercard and Discover), and Southeast is committed to remaining in full compliance. As a result, effective Dec. 4, 2019, Southeast will no longer accept credit card payments toward University account balances at the Cashiers’ Office. Credit card payments will remain available online (with a 2.75% service fee), and online check payments can be made with no additional fee. Those wishing to pay in person will still be able to pay a University account balance with cash, check or money order by visiting the Cashiers’ Office in Academic Hall. Checks and money orders will remain as an option for those wishing to pay by mail.

With the new system, a limited number of University departments that process payments may also be impacted. Those that submit payments directly through the Cashiers’ Office and request customized receipt descriptions (displaying a person’s name, ID number, or service date), will begin seeing a standardized description on their receipts. Additionally, these standardized descriptions will be reflected in Banner/Self-service budget queries. For example, instead of “Camp Redhawk – Jane Smith S01111111”, departments will see “Camp Redhawk Registration”. Similar standardized descriptions are already in place for departments that take payments through most online registration systems. Student Financial Services will reach out to departments that are likely to experience a change and assist in developing options to overcome any challenges this presents.

Additional information and guides for using the new system will be available at

Questions regarding SEMO-Pay, the changes, or new features can be directed to Egbar Ozenkoski, manager of Systems and Compliance in Student Financial Services, at