Phillips Presents Student Government Association Update


Logan Phillips, president of the Student Government Association (SGA), updated the Regents Dec. 18 on the current and ongoing work of Student Government this semester.

This fall semester, the SGA has been working on two major projects to improve student life, he said.

The SE Link Evaluation Committee sent a survey to more than 200 student leaders and faculty members to learn how they use the resource and what they like and dislike regarding the functionality of the website. In the coming weeks and into the spring semester, the committee will arrange demonstrations with different vendors to explore other options that better suit SGA’s and students’ needs, he said. SGA recently resigned its contract with SE Link for the 2021 calendar year, and an arrangement will be set in place for the 2022 academic year.

Phillips said SGA has also been working on creating a mass text messaging system that would keep students up to date on major University sponsored events on campus. During the spring semester, SGA will send a survey to students asking them what they like and dislike about the idea, and use that information to adapt SGA’s plans, he said. Temporarily, SGA will use the SE Link mass texting capability that the site offers. This system will be reevaluated and the capability will be taken into account once the SE Link Evaluation Committee has reached their conclusions.

SGA is also creating an online funding request form for recognized student organizations to streamline the funding request process and improve funding access to students.

Phillips said each college within SGA has a budget for using to connect with their constituents. This semester, colleges have conducted many events such as trunk or treats, trivia events, and tabling events that have made it easier to connect with students in their college, he said.

Phillips said SGA is looking forward to continuing its work on these projects, and to improve student life on campus and create more resources for student organizations.

In response to a request for his perspective on how students are personally and academically managing during the COVID-19 pandemic, Phillips said that while there is a general sense of frustration, it stems from everyone, students, faculty and staff longing for a return to normal.

He said many students are glad to have a long break between the fall and spring semesters to rest, reset and spend time with family and friends, and prepare for the next year.

Additionally, students have seen the work the University, faculty and staff have done to implement safety measures and protocols while trying to establish some sense of normalcy, and students are appreciative of that work.

The Regents expressed their support for SGA and the students during these unusual and hard times.

Phillips concluded by saying SGA has had recent discussions about the University’s handling of sexual misconduct cases, Title IX law and ways to improve training opportunities and peer-to-peer education.