Phillips Presents Student Government Association Update


Logan Phillips, president of the Student Government Association (SGA), updated the Regents Feb. 26 on the current and ongoing work of Student Government this semester.

This spring semester, the SGA is arranging demonstrations starting mid to late March with different vendors, including Presence, Campus Groups, and Anthology, to explore replacement options for the current SE Link system that better suit SGA’s and students’ needs, he said. SE Link is an Anthology product, and SGA will be evaluating them as part of this process. SGA is also working with Southeast’s Information Technology (IT) to evaluate how these programs can be implemented on campus.

Phillips said SGA has been providing student feedback to the University’s Executive Staff about how the Protect the Nest guidelines could to be adjusted and adapted has situations change.

SGA is also working with IT on creating printing budgets, funded by SGA, for student organizations. Currently, students use personal printing budgets, he said.

He said SGA elections and campaigning for the 2021-2022 academic year will begin soon. Campaigning starts the second week of March, and elections take place in April.

Phillips concluded by saying student morale and motivation this semester has been better, after adapted to the changes brought on by the pandemic last semester.