Planning to Update Your Website this Summer? Not so fast.


Most of us use the summer as the chance to reset our operations and prepare for fall and a new academic year. Often, this is when we switch out information on our website, too. This year, that timing isn’t ideal.

The University has begun the migration process to the new website. While it is a lengthy process to transfer content from the existing site to the new site, editors should be aware that changes and updates made to your existing site now will be lost in the transition.

What does that mean?

  1. If you can wait to make updates, please do. This can prevent having to make the updates twice.
  2. If you have information your audience needs and we’re actively driving them to the website to find it, you should make the edits. Please alert University Marketing so that once the sites are transitioned, content can be adjusted.

The migration process for a site our size is considerable. At this moment, we don’t have a definitive date for the switch because so much depends on web development that is hard to quantify with a timeframe. Once a target date is established with our partners, we will alert editors and the campus community with guidance how best to address content updates.