Professor of Theatre and Dance Publishes Third Book



May 20, 2005 – A book by Dr. Marc Strauss, associate professor of theatre and dance at Southeast Missouri State University, is scheduled to be published this fall by McFarland & Company, Inc., one of the leading publishers in the United States of scholarly and academic books on the fine arts, dance, film, and related arts. 

The Dance Criticism of Arlene Croce:  Articulating a Vision of Artistry, 1973-1987, is the third book Strauss has authored.

Strauss’s book deeply examines 10 essays of Arlene Croce, a prominent dance critic for The New Yorker during the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s.  During her career, Croce wrote 207 critiques and is said to have “established a classical aesthetic framework for dance, influencing the work of other critics as well as the tastes of audiences.”  In his book, Strauss interprets the biographical, professional, and historical elements contributing to Croce’s work.

Strauss’s book examines Croce’s essays and intensely studies three specific elements of Croce’s evaluations, including sympathetic musicality, Apollonian craftsmanship and the enlivening of tradition.  The book also includes appendices with a detailed breakdown of Croce’s essays, listing dance companies, dancers, choreographers and dance genres. In addition, Strauss is writing another book, to be completed in September, with the working title of Alfred Hitchcock’s Best-Kept Secrets: From Britain to America. The book is set to be published in 2006, also by McFarland & Company, Inc. This book will feature a detailed analysis of nine of the famed director’s most overlooked films.

Strauss has published two other books during his career, including The Dance Experience:  Insights into History, Culture and Creativity, in May 2003 and Alfred Hitchcock’s Silent Films in 2004.  Three of his four books have been published by McFarland and Company, Inc.