‘Radio Lab’ Premieres on Southeast Public Radio


Image of the Radio Lab hosts and logo

“Radio Lab,” hosted by Jad Abumrad and Robert Krulwich, will air Sunday mornings at 9 a.m. on Southeast Public Radio beginning Oct. 1.

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo., Sept. 20, 2006 — Southeast Public Radio announces plans to air “Radio Lab,” an experiential investigation that explores themes and ideas through a patchwork of people, sounds and stories. In each episode, “Radio Lab” experiments with sound and style allowing science to fuse with culture and information to sound like music. “Radio Lab” will air Sunday mornings at 9 a.m., beginning Oct. 1.

Hosted by Jad Abumrad with co-host Robert Krulwich, “Radio Lab” is designed for listeners who demand skepticism but appreciate wonder, who are curious about the world, but also want to be moved and surprised.

Programs in the Series

Detective StoriesForensics, archaeology, genealogy and genetics are devoted to figuring out what really happened. In this hour, listeners will hear surprising stories of playing detective, and find that what really happened in the past is not always what they would expect.

Musical LanguageWhat is music? How does it work? Why does it move us? Why are some people better at it than others? We examine the line between language and music, how the brain processes sound, and we meet a composer who uses computers to capture the musical DNA of dead composers in order to create new work.

MoralityWhere does our sense of right and wrong come from? We peer inside the brains of people contemplating moral dilemmas, watch chimps at a primate research center share blackberries, observe a playgroup of 3-year-olds fighting over toys, and tour the country’s first penitentiary Eastern State Prison.

Where Am I?Mind and body are in constant communication (neuroscientists call this the brain-body loop), but the loop can get out-of-sync — even broken. This hour: stories of people whose brains and bodies have lost each other. We begin with a century-old mystery: why do many amputees still feel their missing limbs? We speak with a neuroscientist who solved the problem with a magician’s trick: an optical illusion. We continue with the story of a butcher who suddenly lost his entire sense of touch, and how, after many years, he managed to grow a new sense. And we hear from pilots who lose consciousness and suffer out-of-body experiences while flying fighter jets.

SpaceIn the ’60s, space exploration was an American obsession. But the growing reality of space has turned the romance to cynicism. We chart the path from then to now. We begin with Ann Druyan, widow of Carl Sagan, with a story about the Voyager expedition, true love and golden record that travels through space.

Southeast Public Radio is a National Public Radio member station. The station is located on the campus of Southeast Missouri State University and broadcasts on 90.9 FM, KRCU, in Cape Girardeau and 88.9 FM, KSEF, in Farmington, Mo. More information can found at http://www.southeastpublicradio.org.