Rec Services Offering Fitness, Wellness Opportunities


reserv-fitwell-rawkWelcome back to all our students, faculty and staff! Recreation Services has plenty of fitness and wellness offering this coming semester. Please stop by and see us, or e-mail Sara Wagganer at with any questions.

Fall 2016 Group Fitness Schedule is Out!
Preview all of our classes for free the first two weeks of school. Try our all new Real Ryder Cycling, Aerial Yoga and Bosu Blast classes, or try our regular favorites such as TRX Suspension Training, Zumba, Yoga, Pilates, Boot Camp, Body Barre, SUP Yoga and much more. We have many classes to choose from. Find out what your favorites are those first two weeks, and then purchase a $40 pass. A one-time pass is $3, and don’t forget we do offer several classes for free all semester. Our current schedule is available at Don’t forget to sign up for our 20-40-60 Challenge to win prizes based on the amount of classes you participate in!

What Fall Incentive Program Works for You?
We have several wellness incentive programs, so select the one that works best for you. Don’t forget to sign up for our Sweat Equity Employee Wellness program to make sure you get your points for doing all of the activities offered through Recreation Services.

  1. Wellness Warrior Challenge: Do you have what it takes to be considered well-rounded? This wellness incentive is designed to help motivate the Southeast community to be more active and live a healthier lifestyle. Simply go online and check off your points every week depending on what fitness and wellness activities you took part in. This 10-week challenge can be done as a team effort or an individual level. We are using the honor system when it comes to logging your points, so please make sure you are truthful when answering the questions. Your goal is to add up points each week and strive to build a healthier you. There will also be a bonus challenge every week. Sign up online at under the incentive page. This challenge begins Sept. 12.
  2. Weight Loss Warriors: Looking to lose weight and keep it off? Get a fresh start with this Weight Loss incentive program. Your goal is to lose weight and inches over a 10-week period. Whoever loses the most wins big. You must meet certain criteria to sign up for this program. To qualify for this program, please fill out a registration form at Our first meeting of the semester is at noon on Monday, Sept. 12. The program includes:
    • Weekly Weigh-Ins and Body Composition Testing
    • One Free Assessment and Personal Training session to get on a proper fitness program with our trainers
    • Five Group Nutrition Counseling sessions with our dietetic interns
  3. Rise From Rio: The 2016 Summer Olympics is over but didn’t it motivate you to work harder on your fitness goals? Your goal for this fitness incentive is to do a combination of cardiovascular exercise (800 minutes), strength training (500 minutes) and flexibility training (250 minutes) in a eight-week period. The incentive will run from Sept. 26 to Nov. 18. This information can be recorded through Google Docs or in a notebook located at the front desk. To sign up for this challenge, please e-mail Sara Wagganer at She will send out a mass email to all participants giving further instructions.
  4. Walk Like A Redhawks: This is a simple incentive program where you try to walk as many miles as possible throughout the semester to stay active and fit. You log your daily mileage through the front desk or through Google Docs sent to you via e-mail. Log your mileage from Sept. 12-Nov. 18 and you could win big! Prizes will go out to those who walk over 100 miles. To sign up and walk, e-mail Sara Wagganer at Pick a goal that works for you:
    • Goal #1: Walk/Run 100—150 miles (200,000-300,000 steps)
    • Goal #2: Walk/Run 150—200 miles (300,000—400,000 steps)
    • Goal #3: Walk/Run 200 + miles (400,000 steps)

Hire a Personal Trainer at the Rec
Come and meet our personal trainers. Recreation Services offers a variety of personal training services tailored to your individual needs. Whether you want to learn a proper way to exercise, workout with your friends or get a little bit of extra motivation from a certified professional, Recreation Services has something for you. Each session is one hour, but 30-minute sessions are available. All of our trainers are certified through ACSM, ACE or currently preparing to take one of those certifications. To register, fill out a Schedule An Appointment Form at For more information, contact Sara Wagganer at

For a list of all of our Fitness & Wellness Program and Special Events, visit or