Recreational Sports Announces Winners in Spring “Shape-Up Southeast” Program



May 9, 2006 – About 75 Southeast Missouri State University employees and students were honored at a reception May 5 for their participation in the annual “Shape-Up Southeast” fitness and wellness competition.

Shape-Up Southeast participants worked all semester to gain points for specific fitness and wellness activities. These points were logged weekly for 12 consecutive weeks, and the final tabulations were announced at a reception in the Student Recreation Center.

“We had a great turnout this semester and some close competition for prizes. It was one of the closest competitions we have ever had as two of the competitions were within 10 points,” said Jason Lipe, associate director for Recreational Sports and coordinator of the Shape-Up program for the department.

More than 250 participants took part in the program that began in late January. The Department of Recreational Sports will sponsor the program again next fall.

Teams were divided into several different categories based on the number of participants per team. Winners this semester were:

Employee Division


  1. Captain Sunshine and the Mathletes (1,683.75 average per week) – team members were Sunshine Gibbons, Tom Wallgren, Hoahoa Wang and Imad Khamis
  2. Oreos (1,680.00 average per week) – team members were Cheryl Reinagel, Craig Downing and Sue Ross
  3. Two-Time Losers (1,333.00 average per week) – Team members were Welvin Ely and Marvin McBride


  1. The Radicals (911.17 average per week) – team members were Jamie Brinkman, Bruce Hanebrink, Tammy Hanebrink, Tim Ray, Candy Walton and Tom Wencewicz
  2. The Shrinking Circumferences (749.33 average per week) – team members were Cheryl Mcallister, Laurie Overmann, Predreep Singh, Amy Hollinger, Corrie Meyer and Melissa Spinzig


  1. Crazy Eights (1582.88 average per week) – team members were Debra Graham, Mona Hughey, Don Kaverman, Sue Kaverman, Kenneth Dobbins, Linda Hanebrink, Laura Henson and Lori Lynn
  2. Waist Not, Want Not (1572.30 average per week) – team members include Dana Bailey, Phyllis Duschell, Brenda Glastetter, Amanda Hilbert, Sherry Holder, Sherri Jenkins, Leah Shrum, Sue Stuart, Dana Swan and Mary Talbut
  3. FM Hoosiers, AKA FM Sweeties (1377.30 average per week) – team members were Trease Benn, Mark Masters, Joe Burger, Stan Unterreiner, Danny Rees, Jim Shank, Bill Brucker, Joe Starke, Ed Vanglider and Gina Harper

Student Division


  1. The SBK Experience (823.00 average per week) – team members were Michelle Tracy and Will Bollinger
  2. We Run for Fun! (676.50 average per week) – team members were Melissa Gottschalk and Rachel Padgett
  3. Lots of Donkey (277.75 per week average) – team members were Kristin Noble, Krista Hoebing, Megan Benoist and Sally Smith


  1. No More Willy Wonkas for our Badonkadonkas (1566.80 average per week) – Team members were Ashley Meyr, Renee Essner, Kasey Culp, Quentin Kelley and Katie Belcher
  2. Circle of Trust… (948.57 average per week) – Team members were Dane Huxel, Beth Scheon, Ryan Lane, Kodi West and Lindsey Padgett
  3. 2 Guys, 5 Girls and a Rec Center (748.57 average per week) – Team members were Meaghan Anselm, L. Ritter, Katie Buttner, L. Brutcher, Laura Klein, Paul Brutcher and Matt Lauterwasser