Regents Adopt New Strategic Plan


CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo., Dec. 19, 2014 – The Southeast Missouri State University Board of Regents today adopted a new strategic plan to guide the University’s development into the future.

The approved plan outlines Southeast’s vision “to be one of the nation’s most academically competitive regional comprehensive universities, recognized for excellence in education, research, engagement and creativity.”

“Southeast Missouri State University faces a new horizon defined by technological innovation, shrinking fiscal support from the state and federal governments, increased globalization and demographic shifts in the student populations, and other changes,” the report notes. “We will be challenged over the next five years to build on our strengths and pride as a comprehensive public university.”

The plan identifies Southeast’s values as student success, excellence, access and diversity, and community, along with six priorities focused on academics, the student experience, faculty and staff experience, external engagement, fiscal resources, and technology and infrastructure.

A Strategic Planning Steering Committee, chaired by Board of Regents President Doyle Privett, drafted the plan beginning in spring 2013. The committee’s mission was to review and revise the University’s 2008 strategic plan.

A draft strategic plan was reviewed by the Board of Regents at its September 2013 retreat. The Board recommended to the committee that the document be expanded to include some of the institution’s achievements from the last strategic plan and Southeast in the Year 2020 recommendations.

The steering committee and the University’s Executive Staff members met twice this past spring to review the Board’s recommendations and make revisions to the draft plan. Since then, several major changes were incorporated into the document, and the Board again reviewed a revised draft in June.

Feedback from the campus community was gathered this fall, and comments were incorporated into the plan.

The strategic plan may be viewed at