Regents Approve $96.6 Million Operating Budget, Auxiliary Operating Budgets for FY2009



July 8, 2008 – The Southeast Missouri State University Board of Regents today approved a $96.6 million operating budget for the University and $29.9 million in auxiliary operating budgets, both for fiscal year 2009, the year which began July 1.

Kathy Mangels, vice president for finance and administration, said the new $96.6 million operating budget includes funding for current operations along with allocations for administrative commitments, including increases in employee medical insurance, minimum wage increases and expansion of scholarship programs; program enhancements, including base funding and one-time funding for development and continuance of an integrated marketing campaign, base funding for positions to meet increased service demands in Student Financial Services, University Advancement and River Campus technical productions, and base and one-time funding for expanded admissions efforts; and compensation packages for faculty and staff.

The budget approved by the Regents today includes estimated income of $47.1 million in state appropriations after a three percent withholding for the Governor’s executive reserve. Anticipated income from state appropriations accounts for 48.8 percent of the University’s total operation budget.

In addition, the University’s fiscal 2009 budget includes estimated income of $47.3 million in student fees and $2.1 million from other sources. Income from student fees accounts for 49 percent, and income from other sources for 2.2 percent of the University’s total operating budget, Mangels said.

The University’s 28-member Budget Review Committee presented the fiscal 2009 budget to Kenneth W. Dobbins, president of Southeast Missouri State University, for approval. The committee represents all major interest groups on campus. The committee met during the spring semester, Mangels said, to review current operating revenues and expenditures, evaluate proposed program enhancements and formulate the proposed fiscal 2009 operating budget. The committee considered recommended increases in state appropriations, the cost of continuing institutional commitments and operating expenditures, program enhancement requests, faculty and staff compensation committee reports and fall 2008 enrollment projections.

In related action, the Regents approved the fiscal 2009 operating budgets for the University’s “auxiliary” units, totaling $29.9 million. These self-supporting operations include such units as Southeast Bookstore, the Show Me Center, University Center, Telecommunications, Residence Life, Southeast Public Radio and the Student Recreation Center.