Regents Approve Room and Board Rates for 2013-2014


by News Bureau on Friday, Feb. 22, 2013


CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo., Feb. 22, 2013 – The Southeast Missouri State University Board of Regents Feb. 21 approved new room and board rates, a $24.07 million Residence Life budget and an increase in the residence hall technology fee for fiscal 2014.

Under the approved plan, average room rates will increase 2.65 percent, while board rates will rise an average of 3.5 percent for fiscal 2014, bringing the average combined room and board rate increase to 2.97 percent for the 2013-2014 academic year, according to Dr. Debbie Below, vice president for enrollment management and student success and dean of students.

New Residence Hall Room Rates

Based on the new rates, annual residence hall fees will be $3,900 for Dearmont; $4,250 for Towers South and East and Cheney; $5,000 for Group Housing; and $6,000 for Myers; Towers North and West, Candlewood Suites and Vandiver, Henderson, Merick and New halls. New Hall is expected to open on the north campus for the fall 2013 semester.

These figures reflect the cost to continue, including additional costs for staff, student labor, maintenance and repair. Private room rates continue to be 1.5 times the rate of a double room, Below said.

Board Rates

Below says the average board rate change of 3.5 percent is consistent with the University’s dining contract with Chartwells, and reflects actual and anticipated inflation in food prices for 2013-2014 as well as an increase to fund capital improvements in the dining venues.

Under the standard board rate schedule, the most popular plan — 15 meals per week plus $140 in flex dollars – will cost students $2,570 annually. The 19-meal plan with $116 in flex dollars is $2,780 annually. The 10-meal plan plus $160 in flex dollars is $2,300. The five-meal plan plus $270 in flex dollars is $1,970.

The flex dollars reflected in the board rates are cash stored electronically on students’ ID cards as part of their meal plan. They can be used at most campus dining locations to buy additional meals, food items, snacks and beverages.

With the approved room and board rate increase, a student living in Towers South/East with a 15-meal plan will pay $6,820, up from $6,580 last year.

Residence Life Budget and Capital Improvement Plan

The $24.07 million Residence Life budget approved by the Regents is up from the $22.64 million budget under which Residence Life is operating in fiscal 2013. Below says the difference reflects changes in debt service expense and room revenue for the new residence hall coming online in fall 2013.

Residence Hall Technology Fee

The Regents today also approved a $10 increase in the residence hall technology fee, bringing the rate to $60 beginning with fiscal year 2014. The new rate reflects a $10 increase from the $50 rate currently being charged, which has been in place since fiscal 2010.

“These funds are used to maintain and improve the technology access in our residence halls,” Below said. “Funds from this fee have assisted in adding more than 300 wireless access points across the residence halls over the past two years.”