Regents Approve Room and Board Rates, Residence Life Budget for 2009-2010



Dec. 12, 2008 – The Southeast Missouri State University Board of Regents today approved new room and board rates, a $19.25 million Residence Life budget for fiscal 2010 and an increase in the residence hall technology fee.

Under the approved plan, room rates will increase an average of 4.2 percent in Southeast residence halls for next academic year. Dr. Dennis Holt, vice president for enrollment management and student success, said board rates will increase 6.03 percent in fiscal 2010, bringing the average combined room and board rate increase to 4.77 percent.

New Residence Hall Room Rates

Based on the new rates, annual residence hall fees will be $3,596 for Dearmont; $3,820 for Towers South and East; $3,844 for Dearmont Plus; $4,064 for Cheney; $4,602 for Group Housing; $4,688 for Myers; $4,985 per person for triple rooms in Towers North and West; $5,165 per person for double rooms in Towers North and West, and in Henderson Hall; and $5,646 for double rooms in Vandiver Hall and the new residence hall to open next fall.

Board Rates

Holt says there will be an average increase of 6.03 percent in board rates for fiscal 2010. Last year, there was no board increase, he said, since these rates increased five percent for fiscal 2008. This was consistent with an agreement with Chartwells, the University’s food service provider, not to increase board rates by more than five percent over fiscal years 2008 and 2009.

Under the standard board rate schedule, the most popular plan – 15 meals per week plus $140 in flex dollars – will cost students $2,195 annually. The 19-meal plan with $116 in flex dollars is $2,398 annually. The 10-meal plan plus $160 in flex dollars is $1,986 annually. The five-meal plan plus $270 in flex dollars is $1,693 annually.

The flex dollars reflected in the board rates are cash stored electronically on students’ ID cards as part of their meal plan. They can be used at any campus dining location to buy additional meals, food items, snacks and beverages.

With the approved room rate increases, the average combined room and board cost (based on rooms in Towers South/East and a 15-meal plan) will be 6,015, up from $5,743 last year.

Residence Hall Technology Fee

In addition, the Board today approved a $10 increase in the residence hall technology fee, bringing the new rate to $50 a year. Revenue from the fee assists in maintaining ResNet, the residence hall computer network. With the addition of the new residence hall being built at Broadway and Henderson, including a second 24-hour open student lab, the cost of maintaining networks and open labs for residence hall students will increase, Holt said. The fee increase will cover a portion of that cost, he said.

 Non-Traditional Housing Rates

In other action, the Board approved a four percent increase for non-traditional housing at 401 and 505 Washington Street. The Washington Street Apartments consist of 19 units and vary in number of bedrooms, size of rooms and amenities. Monthly rates for the 2009-2010 academic year will range from $362.67 for a one-bedroom efficiency at 505 Washington Street to $490.68 for a two-bedroom apartment with a balcony at 401 Washington Street.

Residence Life Capital Maintenance and Repair Plan

The $19.25 million Residence Life budget approved by the Regents is up from a $17 million budget under which Residence Life is operating in fiscal 2009. The new residence hall under construction at Broadway and Henderson accounts for the largest component of this increase, with the remainder accounting for the cost to continue current operations. Meanwhile, Residence Life continues to proceed with a revised capital maintenance and repair plan approved by the board of Regents in 2002. An indoor warning system, to be financed with reserve funds, is scheduled to begin in fiscal 2009 and continue through fiscal 2010. Card access to the residence halls, Greek housing renovations and fire sprinklers are bond funded projects set to begin in 2009 and continue through the next two to three years.

Major Residence Life projects in fiscal 2010 include renovations at the Washington Street Apartments, cameras and security enhancements, replacement of desks at Dearmont and faucets in Towers North and South and work on back-up domestic hot water in the Towers Complex.