Regents Set Fees for FY2011


GIRARDEAU, Mo., May 15, 2010 — The Southeast Missouri State University Board of Regents today set incidental fees for the 2010-2011 academic year.

Under the approved plan, the incidental fee rate will remain flat for Missouri undergraduate students and for lower division regional campus courses for next school year. This is in keeping with Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon’s recommendation regarding state appropriations for higher education for fiscal 2011 that included the agreement that institutions would not increase resident, undergraduate incidental fees.

Incidental fees charged to Missouri undergraduate students will remain at $184.80 per credit hour. Incidental fees charged for lower division regional campus courses will remain at $119 per credit hour.

Under Senate Bill 389, universities would have been allowed to raise resident, undergraduate incidental fees by 2.7 percent (CPI-U) or $5 per credit hour at Southeast. However, Kathy Mangels, vice president for finance and administration, said the University’s Budget Review Committee did not recommend an increase in incidental fees for Missouri undergraduates or for the lower division regional campus incidental fee for fall 2010.

Meanwhile, the Regents today approved a $10 increase in the per credit hour incidental fee rate charged to non-resident, undergraduate students; a $24.26 increase in the per credit hour rate charged to Missouri graduate students; and a $48.52 increase in the per credit hour rate charged to non-resident graduate students.

The new per credit hour incidental fee rates charged will be $349.30 for non-resident undergraduates; $237.30 for Missouri graduate students; and $441.80 for non-resident graduate students.

Mangels said incidental fee rates on resident and non-resident graduate courses were considered by the Budget Review Committee as a part of institutional revenue enhancement initiatives. With input from deans and department chairs, the Provost’s Office conducted an analysis of the cost per student credit hour for all academic programs in order to consider ways to offset the cost of offering high cost programs, she said. Ultimately, the Budget Review Committee recommended increasing the incidental fee charged on all graduate coursework above the 2.7 percent CPI-U level.

Mangels said the Budget Review Committee recommended increasing graduate fees above the CPI-U after a comparison with graduate incidental fees charged at other Missouri institutions. That comparison showed Southeast’s current graduate incidental fee rate is the second lowest, she said. The new rates will keep the incidental fee for graduate coursework at 125 percent of the rate for undergraduate coursework, she said.

In her discussion of the graduate level fees, Mangels said a $250 program fee is currently charged per semester to graduate students majoring in nursing and communication disorders. While these programs are still considered high cost based on the analysis, they do not exceed other high cost graduate programs, she said. Therefore, the current $250 per semester graduate program fee on nursing and communication disorders will no longer be charged after the summer 2010 semester. High cost graduate programs will be reevaluated every three years, she said.

The fee increases approved today, which also were endorsed by Student Government, will generate about $275,000 in revenue toward the Budget Review Committee’s goal of identifying $2 million in institutional revenue enhancements and expense reductions to meet anticipated budget shortfalls over the next two years, Mangels said.

With the general student fee remaining at $23.70 per credit hour and based on today’s approved incidental fee rate plan, total required fees per credit hour charged to students will be $208.50 for Missouri undergraduates; $373 for non-resident undergraduates; $261 for resident graduate students; $465.50 for non-resident graduate students; and $132.50 for lower division courses at the regional campuses.