Regents to Consider Incidental Fee Reduction for Spring 2005,University Nicknames and Mascot Recommendations



June 28, 2004 – The Southeast Missouri State University Board of Regents will consider a $2 per credit hour reduction in incidental fees for spring 2005 and recommendations for University athletic team nicknames and a mascot when it meets June 30.

The meeting is scheduled for 1 p.m. in the Show Me Center meeting rooms.

The first item on the Board’s agenda will be consideration of a motion to go into a closed session for appropriate considerations. When the open session reconvenes, the Board is expected to make an announcement concerning its closed session business.

The proposal to reduce incidental fees by $2 a credit hour for spring 2005 comes after the Board, in February, approved the incidental fee structure for fiscal 2005 with the understanding that fees would be reduced appropriately if the University’s fiscal 2005 appropriation exceeds its fiscal 2004 appropriation. The proposal is now before the Board since state appropriations to Southeast are budgeted at $1.02 million above the University’s fiscal 2004 appropriation. 

In related action, the Board will consider rescinding the financial emergency that the Board of Regents declared in June 2002. University officials say that with the full implementation of non-academic cuts in fiscal 2003 and fiscal 2004, academic cuts in fiscal 2004, increased student fees, a two-year $6 per credit hour surcharge and personnel savings resulting after implementing the Voluntary Retirement Incentive Program, Southeast has balanced its fiscal 2005 budget and restored its rainy day fund to a comfortable level.

The Board of Regents also will consider a recommendation from the ad hoc nickname/mascot committee concerning the University’s athletic team nicknames and mascot. The recommendation comes after lengthy discussions and study of the issue on campus by a number of University constituent groups during the past year.

Also on the agenda is a proposal to approve fiscal 2005 University and auxiliary operating budgets and the University’s fiscal 2006 capital budget request to be submitted to the Department of Higher Education.

The Regents will consider: an agreement with the City of Sikeston concerning the expansion of the Sikeston Area Higher Education Center; a revised mission statement, institutional priorities and goals; a revised contract for the annual audit; a parking violation fee schedule for vehicle booting; and a resolution of honor for Doyle Privett, former member of the Board of Regents, whose term on the Board has expired.

The Regents will hear reports from President Dobbins on the first and second phases of Academic Program Review; Southeast’s participation in the American Association of State Colleges and University’s Microsoft Educause Conference; the selection of Dr. Dobbins to participate in the Association of Governing Boards’ Presidents’ Institute on Trusteeship; Southeast being named the recipient of the Ohio Valley Conference Sportsmanship Award; the Department of Public Safety’s Annual Report; contracts and Facilities Management projects; and University Relations’ marketing and publication awards.

Board members also will receive informational materials on the University’s procedures for posthumous awarding of diplomas and UPLIFT, a Lift for Life Academic and Gym newsletter.

The Board will consider a motion to go into a closed session for appropriate considerations. When the open session reconvenes, the final item of business will be consideration of a motion to adjourn.