Regents to Consider Renaming Area Higher Education Centers


Board scheduled to meet, hold retreat in St. Louis

Photo of Academic Hall

A Board of Regents meeting will begin at 1 p.m. Oct. 26 in the Founders Room of the St. Louis Club in Clayton.


Oct. 23, 2006 – Three of Southeast Missouri State University’s area higher education centers would be renamed as regional campuses under a proposal to be considered Thursday by the Southeast Board of Regents.

The Board meeting will begin at 1 p.m. Oct. 26 in the Founders Room of the St. Louis Club in Clayton.

The proposed new campus designations are “Southeast Missouri State University-Malden,” “Southeast Missouri State University-Kennett,” and “Southeast Missouri State University-Sikeston”. The University now teaches all undergraduate and graduate courses at those three centers south of Cape Girardeau.

At the Malden campus, the building housing University operations will continue to be called “The Harry L. Crisp II Bootheel Education Center.”

In addition, the Board will consider a new name for the center at Perryville, where the teaching load is shared by Southeast and Mineral Area College. The proposed new designation is “Perryville Higher Education Center.”

After its Oct. 26 open and closed meetings, the Board will hold in an open retreat beginning at 8 a.m. Friday, Oct. 27, also at the St. Louis Club. A closed executive session retreat is scheduled for 3:15 p.m. The retreat is expected to adjourn at 5 p.m.

In other action at the Thursday meeting, the Regents will consider approving construction of a second floor entrance and interior renovations of office spaces in the First Baptist Church sanctuary building on Broadway. That building was purchased by the University in 2003. This would be the final phase of renovations at the site and would provide expanded and improved facilities for University Advancement and enhanced space for University Athletics.

The Regents will consider approving the second and third phases of the Information Commons Project as well. The Information Commons is being developed in Kent Library to support student teamwork, collaboration, and research on the Internet, and to provide access to multimedia and well-designed informal learning spaces. The first phase of the project was completed last spring. The second phase would involve renovating the third floor, including transferring materials from the third floor to other locations in Kent Library, removing shelving, demolishing small, outdated study rooms, installing new flooring and carpet and relocating the Kent Library open lab to a central space on the third floor. The second phase also would include furnishing and reconfiguring the reference help desk. The third and final phase would include new office space, construction of a student conference room and construction of a media center on the third floor.

In addition, the Regents will consider approving design development and phased construction on the north end of the campus corridor between Rhodes Hall of Science and Scully Building. The central corridor runs from Cheney Drive down steps directly adjacent to the power plant, north along the edge of Parker Commons, ending in the area bounded by Magill, Rhodes, Scully and the east end of the Dempster parking lot.

In other action, the Board will consider adopting revised Coordinating Board for Higher Education recommended high school curriculum policy guidelines and adopting a new option in Facilities Management for the Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology.

The Board will hear the President’s Report, which will include the Missouri State Auditor’s Report on “Higher Education Tuition Levels Follow-Up;” a report on federally-funded programs; and a progress report on contracts and Facilities Management projects. The Board also will receive handouts distributed in September at the Faculty and Staff Convocation.

The Regents will receive a number of other informational materials including the Final Report on the Budget Request for 2007-2008, the summer 2006 edition of the Lift for Life Academy and Gym Newsletter;   the Southeast Business Review published by the Harrison College of Business; and a report on the U.S. Senate Agriculture Committee Field Hearing hosted on campus on July 17.

The Regents will consider a motion to go into a closed session for appropriate considerations. When the open session reconvenes, the final item on the agenda will be consideration of a motion to adjourn.