‘Reviewing Student Records’ Training to be Held Oct. 19


Reviewing Student Records training will be offered in the traditional face-to-face format from 8:30-10:30 a.m. Thursday, Oct. 19, in Kent Library Training Lab Room 110. Please note that the Training Lab entrance has been permanently relocated to the east side of Kent Library by Textbook Services.

Reviewing Student Records is aimed at both academic and non-academic units requiring access to student records via INB. Participants will review the various student-related information forms in INB, including address, general student, test scores, grades, GPA information and comment information. Security access to student records will not be provided without this training. The prerequisite for the student session is Banner Overview & Navigation Online Training, which requires completion of a Web-based online form. That form is available on the Information Technology website at http://semo.edu/it/forms/banner-request.html. This form must be completed by a supervisor. Trainees who serve in a supervisory role (i.e., dean, chair, faculty, director, etc.) who complete the form are to place their names in both the supervisor and employee form fields.

To register for the Student face-to-face course, visit http://semo.edu/training/registration_inst.html. Directions on How to Access Skillport as well as How to Access Skillport Workshops and Events will be at the top of the screen. Any issues with logging in should be directed to training@semo.edu.

Please also note that Banner training courses in an online format now include Banner Navigation & Navigation Simulation, Banner Navigation with Data Entry, Navigation with Data Entry Simulation and Banner Overview. Banner Finance courses are available as well.

Any questions regarding traditional or online Banner training should be directed to Martha Henckell at (573) 651-4357.