Rolwing Presents Student Government Association Update


Student Government President Matthew Rolwing

Matt Rolwing, president of the Student Government Association (SGA), updated the Regents Sept. 20 on the work of Student Government, saying every position on SGA’s Executive Board has been filled, and it is the largest board in the University’s history.

Rolwing said that last year, SGA eliminated three committee chairs from the Executive Board, but those positions were reinstated and are filled this fall 2019 after Student Government recognized their value. Rolwing also appointed a new vice president, Annie Martin, to serve this year.

In the coming the year, Student Government is looking forward to continuing its work with the Department of Public Safety to enhance campus safety. He said Student Issues Committee Chair Justin Tuschhoff is interested in offering assistance in answering student questions posted on the Living at Southeast Facebook page. There also have been discussions about signage at the new eSports arena.

The SGA Executive Board is continuing its mission to do the work of and for students. The board is focused on laying the groundwork for the year to come and organizing its committees.

“We are super excited to see where we go,” Rolwing said.

He also highlighted the board’s appreciation for the transparency from the University’s administration this past year, saying open communication has allowed Student Government to get accurate information to make decisions to best serve the needs of students. Student Government is looking forward to continuing this open communication this upcoming year, he said.