Rolwing Presents Student Government Association Update


Matt Rolwing, president of the Student Government Association (SGA), updated the Regents Dec. 13 on the work of Student Government, saying the SGA has had a very productive fall semester.

Rolwing said the SGA’s restructure and reinstatement of three committee chairs has been effective and contributed to successful SGA events and resources for students on campus.

The University Affairs Committee, in collaboration with the Department of Public Safety (DPS),

has hosted free training events focused on topics in which students have expressed interest.  Topics have included sexual and dating violence awareness and alcohol awareness. The committee plans to host more events next semester, including one on self-defense.

Rolwing said SGA continues to focus on better promoting mental health awareness to ensure students know about the resources available on campus, while also ensuring they have self-care resources and tools they can use on their own. SGA has collaborated with Southeast’s Counseling and Disability Services to host a Mental Matters event that provided mental health education materials and tips for coping with stress and anxiety.

The Student Issues Committee has hosted a traveling comments box that has been set up at multiple locations across campus, including the University Center, River Campus, Crisp Hall and Kent Library. The comments box is part of an ongoing effort by SGA to better communicate with the campus community, receive feedback, and plan future events that students want and need, Rolwing said.

The Special Projects Committee is focusing on providing students education and information about recycling and sustainability issues. The committee recently hosted an SG Green table event where SGA members distributed information about recycling and sustainability efforts on campus as well as reusable straws. The committee is also implementing the installation of water filtration systems and providing refillable water bottles across campus.

Additionally, the Special Projects Committee is researching installing additional shuttle monitors on campus, including at the University Center, River Campus and more. Rolwing said the two current monitors on campus are widely used by students at LaFerla Hall and at the Multi-Modal Transfer Facility and provide an important service to students.

Rolwing said the SGA Executive Board is working on how to better allocate their funding to better suit the needs of students and organizations. The Board recently reallocated funding to create a conference account which will sponsor students to attend academic and professional conferences. SGA has also allocated $1,000 for each college to provide programming to their students.

This fall, SGA sponsored a Tie Dye event to promote inclusion. It also hosted its second annual “Senate Scream,” a social opportunity for Southeast faculty and administration to meet SGA members.

Rolwing said SGA has also begun the search process for a new student representative to the Southeast Board of Regents and has conducted several interviews. Student Regent Luke LeGrand’s term ends next spring.

Rolwing concluded by saying SGA is looking forward to the spring semester with more programming and events, and continuing to receive feedback from the student body.