Rolwing Presents Student Government Association Update


Matt Rolwing, president of Student Government (SG), updated the Regents Dec. 14 on major Student Government Association initiatives. Rolwing said the Executive Board has been restructured, three committees have been eliminated and a diversity and inclusion position has been added. During the spring semester, Student Government plans to offer the “Ask a …” series and a “Freaky Friday” program in which students from different areas of campus will trade places to walk in the other’s shoes.

Rolwing said the Sustainability Committee is working on recycling efforts and pursuing a Pepsi grant to educate the campus on how it can be more sustainable.

He highlighted safety concerns on campus, particularly lighting issues and the need for more security cameras in parking lots. The DPS and Safety Committee will focus their attention on these issues during the spring semester, he said.

Rolwing said Student Government and DPS have partnered in an effort to get to know one another better and improve and strengthen relationships through information sharing and planned programs through the academic year.

SG’s Public Relations Committee is working to market itself with a pop-up initiative in the spring in which it plans to set up a tent in each of the colleges to solicit feedback and listen to the concerns of students. SG also is planning a traveling comment box in various offices next spring as another form of gathering student input.