Scully-Rhodes Plaza Fountain Now Operating


Photo of the new fountain at the Scully-Rhodes Plaza that features an 11-foot-tall spiral stainless steel sculpture

The new fountain at the Scully-Rhodes Plaza features an 11-foot-tall spiral stainless steel sculpture.


Aug. 18, 2009 – The fountain at the new Scully-Rhodes Plaza at Southeast Missouri State University is now flowing and will provide a centerpiece this fall for students wishing to take a break between classes, visiting with friends and enjoying the outdoors.

The fountain is in an 11-foot-tall spiral stainless steel sculpture that rises from a 24-foot-diameter limestone circular base. The sculpture is assembled with 132 one-inch-by four-foot stainless steel tubes mounted on top of each other, each slightly offset from the next and pivoting 320 degrees to form a spiral. Sixteen sprayheads feature a weave of water sprays at the base of the fountain, providing an elegant complement to the structure. Water also cascades down the spiral, which was constructed by Power Plant staff members in Southeast’s Facilities Management department.

“The sculpture really helps tie down the plaza and finalize it,” said Tom Hadler, Facilities Management project manager. “The design is very fitting for the plaza.”

The plaza is located on the north end of campus between Scully Building and Rhodes Hall of Science. The plaza was a long-term project begun in May 2008 and completed in phases by Southeast students from the School of Polytechnic Studies who designed, managed and built the plaza under the supervision and with the support of the University’s Facilities Management Department.

A plaque at the plaza calls the area “a testament to Southeast Missouri University’s mission to emphasize student-centered and experiential learning for all students.”