SE Alerts Emergency Notification System Launched


SE Alerts, Southeast Missouri State University’s new emergency notification system was launched Jan. 3. The SE Alerts emergency notification system deploys multiple communication tools simultaneously during emergencies.

The system will alert the entire campus community, or certain portions of the community and regional campuses, to events, dangerous situations or threats that impact the safety of students, faculty and staff. SE Alerts will text mobile phones and will always send an email to your University email account. Alerts also may be received on and will first appear in a mobile app. Crimes and threats also can be reported using the app.

As the new system is launched, all faculty and staff are encouraged to verify their contact information via the Southeast Portal. By providing this information, you are ensuring the most current and correct information is on file for use when Southeast deploys its SE Alerts emergency notification system.

For instructions on how to verify your information for SE Alerts, add a preferred number and add up to four email addresses – spouse, parents or family members – who you would like to receive SE Alerts, visit here. Also, search SE Alerts in Facebook and Twitter for social media SE Alerts postings.

For more information on SE Alerts, including instructions for installing the mobile app and for updating your emergency contact information on file, visit