Sierman Finishes Second in Chicago 2010 Urbanathlon


CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo., Oct. 28, 2010 — Chad Sierman, assistant director of aquatics for Recreation Services at Southeast Missouri State University, finished second overall in the Chicago 2010 “Urbanathlon” Oct. 16.

Sierman placed second among more than 7,500 participants, first in his division and first in the Soldier Field Stair Climb.

“It’s an amazing accomplishment for an amazing event,” said Troy Vaughn, director of Recreation Services. 

The event sponsored by Men’s Health is unlike regular marathons or triathlons. In the Urbanathalon participants run over nine miles while climbing over buses, jumping cars, traversing thousands of tires, and more, Vaughn said. 

According to Sierman it’s the obstacles that make the race so interesting.

“For me, having obstacles throughout different sections really breaks up the race. You get to focus on the obstacles, sometimes looking forward to and sometimes dreading them, rather than just running in circles,” said Sierman.

“My favorite part of the Urbanathlon was the obstacle where I had to run on top of cars,” he says. “It isn’t an everyday thing where you have the opportunity to jump up onto the top of parked cars and run across the tops of their roofs, windshields, trunks, etc. during your run. It is actually more difficult than one would think, especially when there is still dew on the tops of the vehicles early in the morning.”

Sierman finished the race 30 seconds behind the winner but placed first in his Elite Division. He also received an award for having the fastest sprint through the stair climb.

“I dread running the stairs obstacle, which involved running through, running up, running down and climbing gobs and gobs and gobs of stairs in Soldier Field Football Stadium,” says Sierman. “I guess I dreaded it so much I did everything I could to get done with that obstacle as soon as possible.”