Sikeston Area Higher Education Center Supports Local Industries with Training Group


CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo., Oct. 10, 2005ᾰThe Bootheel Regional Training Group (BRTG) through the Sikeston Area Higher Education Center (SAHEC) continues to provide training opportunities for industries in the Bootheel area. 

The BRTG is an umbrella organization designed to assess common training needs among industry in the region.  The group’s mission is to design training programs for multiple industries so companies with similar requirements can collaborate together.

“One of the goals when establishing SAHEC was to provide employment training services to the Bootheel area,” said Judy Buck, director of SAHEC.  “BRTG is a product of SAHEC meeting its initial purpose and serving the training needs of area businesses.  BRTG is a tremendous asset to SAHEC because it provides a way for industries to come together and collaborate under one roof.”

The first planning meeting was held in October 1998. The first bylaws were approved in December 1998. Training for employees of BRTG members is supported by federal and state funding. The BRTG committee meets on a monthly basis to determine the training needs of area industries. The committee then designs courses to address those needs. 

“The program is effective in terms of cost and time because companies have a way to gain the needed training for their employees,” said Steve McPheeters, superintendent of training and employee development at Noranda Aluminum and chairman of BRTG.  “It has worked out well having classes at SAHEC because of the excellent facility and state-of-the-art equipment.”

Companies will send one or two representatives to attend training sessions held at SAHEC.  Courses provide instruction on maintenance crafts, supervisory training and computer training. 

“The program has been money well spent, and provides excellent training and collaboration opportunities for local companies in the Bootheel region,” McPheeters said.

The committee currently consists of 17 companies representing four counties in Southeast Missouri.  Companies representing Stoddard County are Cott Corporation, Dewitt Co., Alan Wire Co., Good Humor/Breyers Ice Cream Co., Tetra Pak, Missouri Delta Medical Center, Ferguson Medical Group, Birch and Waite Foods and Duckett Truck Center.  Companies representing New Madrid County are Noranda Aluminum, Associate Electric and Riceland Foods, Inc.  Companies representing Stoddard County are Arvin Meritor, Inc., Nestle-Purina, Tyson Foods, Inc., and Ames True Temper Co.  Gates Rubber Co. represents Mississippi County.

For more information about BRTG, contact Judy Buck at (573) 472-3210 or Steve McPheeters at (573) 643-2361.