Sikeston Child Development Center Muddies the Waters on Mud Day


CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo., July 7, 2011 — More than 35 families participated in the University Child Development Center’s celebration of International Mud Day June 30 at Southeast Missouri State University-Sikeston. 

The event was “great fun for all,” said Dr. Sara Garner, interim director of the Center.

Families and children enrolled at the Center participated in a wide variety of mud activities, including playing in a mud pit, sliding down a mud slip-and-slide and painting with mud. Barbecue, hotdogs and dirt cake were served.

“Key benefits of mud are connecting children to nature and reducing screen time,” Garner said.

International Mud Day was a vision to connect children, families and educators to nature and is sponsored by the Nature Action Collaborative for Children and World Forum. The awareness is linked to lowering childhood obesity, among other health benefits. It was inspired by an exchange between the children of Nepal and Australia in an effort to appease and prevent illness and acquaint children with the environment.

According to Garner, mud contains nutrients and minerals that are easily absorbed through skin which are highly effective for oil absorption and for toning skin. Mud is an anti-inflammatory agent for skin disorders as well as an anti-depressant and a beauty and relaxation tool, she said.

 Children participated June 30 in International Mud Day at Southeast Missouri State University-Sikeston’s Child Development Center. 


Water and mud helped children, families and educators connect to nature.