Sikeston Jaycees Donate $25,000 to the Sikeston Area Higher Education Center


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Ron Payne, Judy Buck, Craig Straw and Jason Pounds, President of the Sikeston Jaycees

SIKESTON, Mo., Feb. 23, 2006ᾰThe Sikeston Jaycees recently donated $25,000 to Sikeston Area Higher Education Center (SAHEC) to furnish a classroom in the new SAHEC expansion and to support the Sikeston Jaycees Scholarship fund.

“The Jaycees have been long-time supporters to the Center since its inception,” said Judy Buck, director of SAHEC.  “They play a vital role in the Sikeston community, and we are very fortunate to have their continued support for SAHEC.”

The donation will provide $20,000 to purchase 15 new tables and 30 chairs, an instructor’s station and a new podium for one of the new classrooms in the center’s recent addition.  The expansion encompasses a two-story, 10,800 square foot facility that includes four additional classrooms, six offices, state-of-the-art science laboratory/computer classroom and three rooms for child care development center. The child care lab will be used for students seeking degrees in early child care and guidance. 

“The Jaycees are strong supporters of SAHEC because of how much the center offers to the community,” said Jason Pounds, president of the Sikeston Jaycees.  “SAHEC gives local residents access to higher education, and both traditional and non-traditional students are afforded the opportunity to receive a quality education without traveling to the main campus.”

Of the $25,000 contribution, $5,000 will go towards the existing Sikeston Jaycees Scholarship fund, bringing the total fund to $15,000.  The scholarship is restricted to students currently enrolled at SAHEC who maintain at least a 2.0 grade point average (GPA).  The award is valued at $750 per academic year.  The Sikeston Jaycees began nearly 60 years ago and have supported the Sikeston community through events such as the Sikeston Jaycees Bootheel Rodeo and the Professional Bull Riders tournament.  All the proceeds from events go directly back to the community.

With its recent gift of $25,000, the Sikeston Jaycees have given $90,201 to Southeast since 1983 to support scholarships, construction and expansion of the Sikeston Area Higher Education Center.

The Sikeston Jaycees membership includes 100 active male members under the age of 35.  There are more than 50 inactive members, called the “Exhausted Roosters,” who still participate in helping the Jaycees’ with local events.  

“The Jaycees are strong supporters of the community and we are proud to help support higher education opportunities for Sikeston residents through SAHEC,” said Pounds.

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Left to right: Matt Drake, Mike Conway, Ron Payne, Judy Buck, Craig Straw, Jason Pounds, Matt Barnes and Patrick Douglas