South Campus Electrical Outages Planned March 20-22


During Spring Break, Facilities Management and outside contractors are replacing the 5 kilovolt feeder line that supplies power to buildings on the south electrical loop. This work is necessary due to deterioration of existing cables. The project will require two power outages. The first took place March 13-15 and the second outage is planned March 20-22.

The second outage starts at 6 p.m. Friday, March 20, and ends at 6 p.m. Sunday, March 22, however, additional work by Facilities Management crews will be necessary to reset all HVAC equipment, fire alarms and elevators in the affected buildings, upon restoration of power. This outage will turn off electrical power to the following buildings:

  •  Dearmont Complex
  •  Grauel Building

The first power outage took place March 13-15 and affected the following buildings:

  •  Academic Hall
  •  Memorial Hall
  •  University Center
  •  Vandiver Hall
  •  Merick Hall
  •  Myers Hall
  •  Houck Field House / Houck Field
  •  Kent Library
  •  Dearmont Complex
  •  Grauel Building

Site work repair will continue during the two weeks following completion of the feeder replacement. Facilities Management apologizes for any inconvenience this work causes. For more information, contact Ben Eller, project manager, at (573) 651-2283 or