Southeast Announces First Day Spring Enrollment Figures



Jan. 19, 2005 – Total enrollment at Southeast Missouri State University is up 2.2 percent over this time last year, according to a preliminary unofficial report compiled at the beginning of the first full day of the spring 2005 semester.

Classes at Southeast began Jan. 18.

Total combined undergraduate and graduate student headcount stands at 8,416, up from 8,238 at this time a year ago.

Total undergraduate student headcount is 7,467, up 1.7 percent from spring 2004. Beginning freshmen headcount is 185, up 59.5 percent at this time last year.

“The most interesting observation is that our beginning freshmen numbers have gone up almost 60 percent since last spring, which is quite significant,” said Dr. Dennis Holt, vice president for administration and enrollment management. “That is a very large increase.”

Continuing freshmen headcount is 1,574, up 2.6 percent from spring of 2004.

Holt noted that the numbers of beginning freshmen and continuing freshmen who are part-time students have increased substantially. Part-time beginning freshmen headcount is 71, up 144.8 percent from this time last year. Part-time continuing freshmen headcount is 252, up 20 percent from spring 2004.

“This means we have a lot more students who are probably working and trying to get a start in college,” Holt said. “These increases will help us in the fall,” he added, as these students continue through the system. “It’s a positive development,” he noted. “It’s better than we expected.”

Sophomore headcount is 1,458, down 3.5 percent from this time a year ago. Junior headcount is 1,573, down 5.7 percent from spring 2004. Senior headcount is 2,184, up 1.7 percent from this time last year. Holt said those changes were expected, based on fluctuations on the size of beginning freshmen classes in previous years.

Total graduate student headcount stands at 949, up 6.3 percent from spring 2004. Non-degree unclassified graduate student headcount is 273, up 49.2 percent from this time a year ago. Degree-seeking master’s degree student headcount is 578, down 8.1 percent from spring 2004. Specialists headcount is 89, up 23.6 percent from this time last year. Doctoral headcount in the Southeast/University of Missouri Cooperative Doctoral Program is nine, the exact same figure from this time a year ago.

The official census report will be issued in four weeks.