Southeast Announces First Day Spring Enrollment Figures


Enrollments at Southeast Missouri State University are holding steady, according to a preliminary unofficial report compiled at the beginning of the first full day of the spring 2004 semester.

Classes at Southeast began Jan. 20.

Total undergraduate student headcount stands at 7,345, up 11 from this time last year and up 86 from spring 2002. Total undergraduate full-time equivalency is up as well, with that figure at 6,319, up .4 percent from this time last year.

“Enrollments are really holding steady compared with previous springs,” said Dr. Dennis Holt, vice president for administration and enrollment management. “We are not seeing a significant shift in enrollments this spring.”

Beginning freshman headcount is 116, down 3.3 percent from this time last year. Continuing freshmen headcount is 1,534, down 6.2 percent from spring 2003. Sophomore headcount is 1,511, down 6.3 percent from this time a year ago. Junior headcount is 1,668, up 7.6 percent from spring 2003. Senior headcount is 2,148, up 3.7 percent from this time last year.

Today’s report also shows total combined undergraduate and graduate student headcount at 8,238, down .8 percent from spring 2003. The report also indicates that total combined undergraduate and graduate student full-time equivalency stands at 6,733, up .3 percent from this time last year.

Total graduate student headcount stands at 893, down 7.8 percent from this time a year ago. Degree seeking master’s degree student headcount stands at 629, down 5.7 percent from spring 2003. Specialists headcount is 72, down from 100 at this time last year. Doctoral headcount is nine, down from 11 in spring 2003.

A final census report will be issued in four weeks.