Southeast Announces History Day District 9 Winners


CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo., March 15, 2011 — About 500 junior high and high school students from across the region participated in the National History Day in Missouri District 9 Context March 11 at Southeast Missouri State University.

Students Bollinger, Butler, Cape Girardeau, Carter, Dunklin, Iron, Madison, Mississippi, New Madrid, Pemiscot, Perry, Reynolds, Ripley, Scott, St. Francois, Stoddard, Washington and Wayne counties competed for the chance to advance to the state National History Day competition April 9 at the University of Missouri. 

The theme for History Day 2011 was “Debate and Diplomacy in History: Successes, Failures, Consequences,” and students competed in one of five categories: exhibit, media, performance, historical paper or websites. 

An awards ceremony was held at the end of the day’s events. 

For information, contact District 9 coordinator Dr. Joel Rhodes, Department of History at Southeast Missouri State University, at (573) 651-2715 or e-mail:


Junior Paper Third Place

“Scope’s Monkey Trial”Boyd WoodTeacher: April WilderGreenville Junior High

Second Place

“The Women’s Suffrage Movement: Going Against Tradition Establishing Civil Rights for Women”Joe FosterTeacher: Terry CarmackRichland R-1 School

 First Place

“Revolution! The Easter Rising of 1916″John McMichaelTeacher: Cindy WhitakerBloomfield Middle School 


Junior Individual Exhibit Third Place “They’re Drowning a Town to Save a Million Arkansas Acres from Flood”Allison HugheyTeacher: April WilderGreenville Junior High Second Place

“Women in the Military”Makailya PickrellTeacher: Denise ThompsonEast Carter R-2 Schools

 First Place “The Debate Between the Catholic Church/Luther”Emily DiamondTeacher: Terry MaireCape Christian School


Junior Group Exhibit Third Place “A ‘Trist’ in Time: Negotiating an End to the War With Mexico”Corey Cradduck and Trevor MimsTeacher: Michael MurphyRisco R-2 Schools Second Place “Mount Rushmore: Who’s the Indian Giver?”Cole Mayberry and Spencer SlavingsTeacher: Kristy BarnesBernie High School First Place “Iranian Hostage Crisis: 444 Days to Freedom”Shelby Martin and Blakely BradshawTeacher: Kristy BarnesBernie High School


Junior Individual Performance First Place “The Wizard of Oz Allegory”Olivia BessTeacher: Emily GoodeCentral Junior High School


Junior Group Performance Third Place “Imagine It … Brown vs. Board of Education”Brook Lawson, Kimberly Marlow, Courtney Peters and Camille RandolphTeacher: Denise YountGideon Junior High Second Place “Vive le Republicae Americaine! The Story of the Statue of Liberty”Allen Earnheart, Caleb Buchanan, Ciara Muse and Allison SharpTeacher: Denise YountGideon Junior High First Place “McCarthyISM: Investigation or Persecution”Kason Lawrence, Cassidy Robinson and Joselyn RiggsTeacher: Denise YountGideon Junior High


Junior Individual Documentary Third Place “Diplomacy During America & France During the Revolutionary War”John Paul GoodmanTeacher: Terry MaireCape Christian School Second Place “Segregation”Lance PrudenTeacher: Shelly BohnScott City Middle School First Place “League of the Iroquois”Coulton BeckerTeacher: April WilderGreenville Junior High


Junior Group Documentary Third Place

“Thirteen Days in October: The Cuban Missile Crisis”Zack Tanner, Hayden Riley, Cody King, Bailey Muse and Owen FosterTeacher: Kristy BarnesBernie High School

 Second Place “Black Stork: A Gene War in America”Sara Landers and Brook EarnheartTeacher: James BreeceGideon High School First Place “The Mysterious Moe: The Spy Behind the Mask”Ethan Pipkin and Drew FortnerTeacher: Michael MurphyRisco R-2 Schools


Junior Individual Website Third Place “Color Coded”Brooke AndersonTeacher: Emily GoodeCentral Junior High School Second Place “Evolution on Trial”Gabriela VieiraTeacher: Emily GoodeCentral Junior High School First Place “The Battle of Dien Bien Phu: A Decision That Changed A War”Wade SlaughterTeacher: Paul ArnoldMalden High School


Junior Group Website Third Place

“Forced Human SterilizationAnissa Wiant and Caroline KurtzTeacher: Emily GoodeCentral Junior High School

 Second Place “The Louisiana Purchase: An Act of Diplomacy”Lari Jean Spitzer, Caleb Ellenburg and Login WoodTeacher: Kristy BarnesBernie High School First Place “Historical Debate: Lincoln/Douglas”Dillan Huckstep and Dylan PinkstonTeacher: Shelly BohnScott City Middle School


Senior Paper Third Place “Diplomatic Negotiations: The U-2 Incident”Andrew RinehartTeacher: James BreeceGideon High School Second Place ‘”American Alcohol Prohibition: What Was, Is, and Is Yet to Come”Kayla UhlesTeacher: Terry CarmackRichland R-1 School First Place “You and I, We Must Change the World: The Life and Diplomatic Legacy of Raphael Lemkin”Carissa McDonaldTeacher: Michael MurphyRisco R-2 Schools


Senior Individual Performance Third Place “Debating The Noble Experiment”Justin ShockTeacher: James BreeceGideon High School  Second Place “Between Two Worlds”Amanda WaltonTeacher: Michael MurphyRisco R-2 Schools First Place “Welcome to Hooverville: Debating Seattle’s Shantytown”Slayton BooneTeacher: James BreeceGideon High School


Senior Group Performance Third Place “The Marriage of Politics: Cleopatra and Marc Antony”Darrian Tyra, Paige Vandeveer, Nikki King, Dylan Vincent and Nathan VincentTeacher: Kristy BarnesBernie High School  Second Place “Integration: Changing Color in America’s Schools”Kari Muse and Krista RiggsTeacher: Denise YountGideon Junior High First Place “Kill The Indian, Save The Man”Kassie Lawrence, Hannah Moore, Alexa Grissom and Morgin MarcusTeacher: James BreeceGideon High School


Senior Individual Documentary Third Place “Classified: Top Secret”Kassidy MurphyTeacher: Michael MurphyRisco R-2 Schools Second Place “The Evian Conference: A Diplomatic Betrayal”Andrea McCordTeacher: Michael MurphyRisco R-2 Schools First Place “Beyond the Dust of Our Times: The Diplomatic Triumph of Konrad Adenauer”Rebecca HayesTeacher: Michael MurphyRisco R-2 Schools


Senior Group Documentary Third Place

“Slavery By Another Name”Billy Goldsmith, Allissia Wallace and Kyeon StoneTeacher: Paul ArnoldMalden High School

 Second Place “The Parody on Populism: We’re Not In Kansas Anymore!”Audi Guined, Karen Cooper, Abby Lancaster and Ronna ReavesTeacher: Paul ArnoldMalden High School First Place “Day of Deceit”Aubree Harris, Kyle Lemarr and Jodi HendricksonTeacher: Paul ArnoldMalden High School


Senior Individual Website Third Place “Israeli Icon: The Diplomacy of Golda Meir”Emily McCordTeacher: Michael MurphyRisco R-2 Schools Second Place “John Lennon & the Beatles Against Jesus”Seth DowdyTeacher: Kristy BarnesBernie High School First Place “Mission to the Manchu: Caleb Cushing and the Opening of China”Caleb McCordTeacher: Michael MurphyRisco R-2 Schools


Senior Group Website Third Place “To Poke or Not to Poke?: Child Immunizations and Autism”Morgan Riley, Rachel Tilmon and Colten MayberryTeacher: Kristy BarnesBernie High School Second Place “The Cuban Missile Crisis”Tori Lowrey, Bryan Jennings and Taylor WilhiteTeacher: Kristy BarnesBernie High School First Place “A Blank Check: The Tonkin Gulf Debate”Luke Bixler and Austin WhiteTeacher: Michael MurphyRisco R-2 Schools


 Senior Group Exhibit Third Place “Bridging the Prejudice; Little Ruby’s Story”Jana Stanfield, Tessa Huchison and Beth ThompsonTeacher: James BreeceGideon High School Second Place “Index Librorum Prohibitorum”Katherine Krupinski, Dylan Rawlings, Hunter Golden and Andrew StroupTeacher: Paul ArnoldMalden High School First Place “The Simple Messiah”Dylan Stevens, Logan Page and Dustin MooreTeacher: Paul ArnoldMalden High


Senior Individual ExhibitThird Place “Like a ‘Good Neighbor:’ Debating Lend-LeaseHunter KnightTeacher: Michael MurphyRisco R-2 SchoolsSecond Place “The Young, The Restless … The Rich?”Dylan KennedyTeacher: Michael MurphyRisco R-2 SchoolsFirst Place  “Kennan and Containment: Architect of America’s Cold War Diplomacy”Zachary WoodsTeacher: Michael MurphyRisco R-2 Schools