Southeast Faculty Member Awarded NCMM Grant


Southeast Missouri State University Professor of Accounting Richard Palmer recently was awarded a $30,000 research grant by the National Center for the Middle Market (NCMM).

The NCMM is a collaboration between SunTrust Banks Inc., Grant Thornton LLP, Cisco Systems and The Ohio State University’s Fisher College of Business.

The funding will be used for a project called, “Does Firm Size Matter?: Comparing Influence of Organizational Architecture on Performance between Large and Middle Market Corporations.” This is an ongoing research project by Palmer and his partner, Mahendra Gupta of Washington University in St. Louis.

Palmer and Gupta were also enlisted as “Fellows of the National Center for the Middle Market” for the 2018-2020 period.

“This investigation will clarify whether greater focus on employee performance measurement, absent a meaningful delegation of authority and an adequate incentive structure, yields disappointing results,” Palmer said. “The results should be applicable to new technology adoption, organizational development, project management, family businesses, talent management, new business ventures, shared services, healthcare and business integration, among other things.”

The NCMM funds ongoing proprietary and commissioned research and distributes the results, presentations and articles to broaden the knowledge base for middle market researchers, companies, policymakers and business students. The final product from the research will become part of the NCMM working paper series be presented at an academic conference and will be summarized for dissemination to executives.

“We hope to provide insight for practice and academicians regarding the extent to which organizations benefit from the concurrent structuring of incentives, performance measures and delegations of authority in their business unit design, and how larger and smaller organizations differ in this respect,” Palmer said.

The purpose of the NCMM is to ensure the importance of middle market companies is realized as a key component to the nation’s economic success. The Center provides a voice for this segment of the economy. It is the leading source of knowledge, leadership and research, and it provides data, analysis, insights and perspectives for companies, policymakers and other key stakeholders to enhance the well-being of this sector.

“The middle market is an oft-neglected component of our economy that employs a relatively high percentage of our workforce. Understanding the challenges and needs of this segment, and customizing the discussion to help them to improve their performance would be a great outcome,” said Palmer

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Photo Caption: Dr. Richard Palmer