Southeast Faculty Member Lectures at School in Arctic Circle



May 4, 2005 – While most Southeast Missouri residents are welcoming spring, Quantella Anderson, director of the hospitality management program at Southeast Missouri State University, will soon be experiencing the colder climate of the Arctic Circle.

Anderson, who is participating in the Magellan Exchange Program, is serving as a guest lecturer at Rovaniemi Polytechnic School in Rovaniemi, Finland, from May 4-22. Rovaniemi, which is about 400 miles north of Helsinki, Finland, at the Arctic Circle, experiences about 18 hours of sunlight per day, according to Anderson.

Having spent much of her life in the northern part of the country, Anderson said she’s not too concerned about the weather, but she is a bit anxious about the extra daylight hours. 

“I’m not sure how well I’ll sleep,” she said.

The Magellan Exchange Program provides foreign exchange opportunities for both students and faculty of member institutions. The program offers students the chance to study abroad at an affordable cost, while the faculty exchange portion focuses on sharing knowledge and encouraging greater student participation in the program.

“A number of institutions in the United States and Europe are part of this program, and it is an ideal way to learn about other cultures and countries,” Anderson said.

Anderson was invited to lecture in Rovaniemi Polytechnic’s tourism, hospitality management and catering program. Her lectures will focus on U.S. tourism, specifically regional tourism marketing and planning and developing tourism products; American business culture and management of the hospitality industry; and restaurant and catering management.

 “This is a fabulous opportunity not only for me, but also for Southeast’s hospitality management program,” Anderson said. “Our program has undergone a lot of changes in the past year and is developing into a very competitive program. It is similar to the program in Finland, which, I think, is a testament to our global and national approach. Our program is designed to expose students to the many facets of the hospitality industry and to further their knowledge nationally and globally.

“I hope that, in the future, our students, as well as students from Rovaniemi Polytechnic, will expand their knowledge base by participating in the program,” she added.