Southeast Faculty Member to Attend Huber Hurst Research Seminar



Dec. 12, 2005 – Dr. Pamela Gershuny, assistant professor of business law, has been selected to participate in the Huber Hurst Research Seminar at the University of Florida in Gainesville Feb. 9-11.

After submitting abstracts of two different subjects to the national competition, Gershuny received word that either subject would be acceptable.  The subject she has chosen has been titled “Family Values First? A Proposal to Extend the Protection of Just Cause Termination to Parenting Duty.”

“I am thrilled to be selected for this seminar,” Gershuny said.  “It’s an honor in my discipline to be selected to join such a highly talented group.  In the past, the seminar has included people from very highly respected business schools, including Harvard and Wharton.  I’m glad to be able to receive critical input on my work from business law professors from across the nation.  I’m hopeful that attending the seminar will bring nationwide recognition to Southeast as a research institution in the business law area.”

Gershuny attributes her success to the support of both Dr. Gerald McDougall, dean of the Donald L. Harrison College of Business, and Dr. H. Joseph Wen, associate professor of accounting and management information systems, without whom, she says, she would not have received this opportunity.

“Thanks to Dean McDougall’s and Dr. Wen’s support of research and writing, I am able to do this,” she said.  “Because of their emphasis on high quality research at SEMO, I had the time to do research, and without them supporting me in this, I wouldn’t be here.”

Dean McDougall says faculty research in the subjects they teach is extremely important.  research allows faculty to remain current in their areas of expertise  and maintain  relevancy of their classes.  The research, he says, insures students benefit from accepted and leading-edge knowledge and information.

“It’s important that people understand the high quality and top flight education they can receive from a regional public institution at a reasonable amount,” McDougall said.  “I think that Pam’s recognition through her appointment is a way of communicating this.  Pam’s participation definitely increases the presence and stature of the Harrison College of Business and Southeast Missouri State University.”

Gershuny’s research project focuses on whether short-term parenting leave should be considered as important in our society as jury duty leave. Gershuny says the question is especially important today, given recent changes to welfare laws that require parents to work in order to qualify for benefits.

The Huber Hurst Seminar is an intensive research seminar that provides the opportunity for business law/legal studies scholars to present, discuss and expand upon nearly completed research papers.  The goal is to foster high quality research and publication in the business law discipline by providing an unusual opportunity for sustained in-depth attention to research.

Gershuny started teaching at Southeast in the fall of 2004.  She teaches Business Law, Contracts, Product Liability, and Contemporary Legal Issues.