Southeast Graduates Discuss Career Paths at Alumni Monday



March 3, 2009 – Twenty-two graduates of Southeast Missouri State University returned to campus to discuss their career paths with current students during Alumni Monday on March 2.

Alumni Monday is a component of the Alumni Association’s program to strengthen the Southeast community by providing students opportunities to learn from and network with successful Southeast graduates. Graduates from a variety of disciplines spoke in classes across campus and held discussions with students about the direction their careers have taken them.

Southeast alumni who returned for Alumni Monday included:

• Brandi Barbre, a 2003 graduate who is associate sports performance director with Velocity Sports Performance.• Elaine Beussink, a 1987 graduate who is a speech pathologist with the Tailor Institute and Cape Girardeau Public Schools.• Luther Bonds, a 1994 graduate who is the executive director of the Boys and Girls Club of Cape Girardeau.• Roberta Broeker, a 1980 graduate who is chief financial officer for the Missouri Department of Transportation.• Roxanne Brown, a 2001 graduate who is marketing administrator for Crader Distributing Company.• Jerri Coleman, a 2005 graduate who previously served as marketing and empowerment coordinator for Barry-Wehmiller International Resources.• Norma Engelhardt, a 1973 graduate who is a math and science teacher at the Tennessee School for the Blind.• Tim Eagan, a 2006 graduate who is owner and general contractor for the Eagan Building Group.• Mark Fraser, a 1980 graduate who is a research scientist with Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corporation.• Kyrie Haddock, a 2008 graduate who is now a graduate student at Southeast.• John Layer, a 2008 graduate who is a lab technician at Buzzi Unicem U.S.A.• John Lawrence, a 1958 graduate who is a biology professor at the University of South Florida.• Richard McIntosh, a 1987 graduate who is co-owner and a government consultant with Flotron & McIntosh.• Dennis Parham, a 1977 graduate who is superintendent at Woodland R-IV School District in Marble Hill, Mo.• Kristin Pender, a 2005 graduate who is a school based manager with Big Brothers, Big Sisters.• Carly Rees, a 2006 graduate who is an accountant with Kerber, Eck and Braeckel.• Ellen Ryan, a 2006 graduate who is a program director for Adirondack Architectural Heritage.• Kyle Shaffar, a 2001 graduate who is a software engineer for MedAssets Supply Chain Systems.• Liz Thompson, a 1982 graduate who is assistant vice president of Landscape Maintenance & Installation. • Donna Turnbo-Smith, a 1989 graduate who is principal at East Prairie Elementary School.• Caleb Zustiak, a 2000 graduate who is a music teacher at Festus Middle School.• Terri Kahle, a 2001 graduate who is a nurse educator at Southeast Missouri Hospital. (Kahle will be speaking to students on March 9.)

 Southeast graduates who returned to campus on Alumni Monday gathered in Kem Statuary Hall in the Wehking Alumni Center.  In the front row, from left, are Liz Thompson, Roxanne Brown, Kristen Pender, Donna Turnbo-Smith, Carly Rees, Norma Engelhardt, Roberta Broeker and John Lawrence. In the back row, from left, are Ellen Ryan, Elaine Beussink, Caleb Zustiak, Tim Eagan, Luther Bonds, Kyle Shaffar, Jerri Coleman, Richard McIntosh, Dennis Parham, Mark Fraser, John Layer and Provost Jane Stephens. Not pictured are Kyrie Haddock and Brandi Barbre.