Southeast IR Research Analyst Awarded National Scholarship


India Hampton

India Hampton, research analyst in Institutional Research at Southeast Missouri State University, is one of just three recipients nationally to be awarded the 2019 Julia M. Duckwall Scholarship for an essay she submitted to the Association of Institutional Research (AIR).

Hampton plans to use the scholarship to take a class offered by the AIR Longitudinal Tracking for Institutional Research and apply what she learns to progressively track retention, persistence and graduation rates with more skill and insight in her position at Southeast.

Hampton’s essay described how the award would impact her professional development in Institutional Research and how she will give back to the Institutional Research community as a scholarship recipient.

Christine Keller, AIR’s executive director and chief executive officer, said Hampton’s application was reviewed by experienced institutional research professionals and found to present an admirable set of anticipated learning outcomes from her participation in AIR’s professional development activities, while also honoring Duckwall’s memory.

“The panel found significant potential for a positive impact not only on your professional development, but also to your institution and the larger field of IR,” Keller wrote.

The scholarship honors the late Duckwall, a prominent member of AIR and the AIR Board, who exhibited a tireless passion for advancing the field of institutional research.