Southeast Issues Guidelines on Use of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)


drone-flyingAs we prepare for Homecoming, we would like to provide information regarding the use of unmanned aircraft systems on any Southeast Missouri State University campus.

The operation of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), including drones and model aircraft, is regulated by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and relevant state law. At this time, it is not permissible for individual students, staff or outside entities to fly UAS drones outdoors on any Southeast Missouri State University campus.  This is due to both Federal Aviation Association requirements and risk management/liability concerns.

Southeast Missouri State University is in the process of establishing policies and procedures to ensure compliance with FAA regulations and legal obligations implemented Aug. 29 and to reduce risks to safety, security and privacy. Procedures and requirements are also being established to apply for permission to fly UAS on any University campus and other University-controlled property under certain conditions, but until that time, we will enforce a No-Flight approach.

This restriction applies to faculty, staff, students, volunteers, vendors, and all visitors who seek to operate a UAS on any University property or at any University sponsored event.

Please note that many sporting events are covered by special security instructions which restrict flight over stadiums. While these special security instructions may not apply to Southeast Missouri State University, campus personnel have been advised by the Director of the Cape Girardeau Regional Airport that no one should be flying a drone within a 3-mile radius of Houck Stadium and up to 3,000 ft. above the stadium’s playing surface without the approval of the local Air Traffic Control Tower. Any violation of these guidelines by university faculty, staff, students, volunteers, vendors and visitors will be handled in accordance with applicable university policies and procedures. Additionally, individuals who violate this policy may be subject to civil or criminal penalties and the seizure of UAS by campus police or other law enforcement personnel.

We appreciate your cooperation in keeping our Homecoming activities safe for all.