Southeast Nursing Student Interns in Acute OB Delivery Unit


Southeast Missouri State University student Chelsey Milashoski is learning what it takes to be an obstetrics (OB) nurse this summer as a student nurse intern with the Acute OB Delivery Unit at OSF Saint Francis Medical Center in Peoria, Illinois.

As a student intern, Milashoski, a senior nursing major from Minonk, Illinois, is shadowing an experienced OSF nurse, getting first-hand, real-world experiences providing safe, quality patient care.

Every shift, she completes a wide variety of tasks depending on the patients’ and hospital’s needs. Every day brings new experiences and challenges.

“Every day is different, which makes nursing a lot of fun,” she said. “I get to see bedside reports given, witness medication administration, assist with assessments of mom and baby, do hourly rounding, take Accucheck glucose and blood sugar tests, take IVs out, assist with Foley catheter removals, and help with the patient discharge process.”

She’s also had one-on-one experiences with newborn babies.

“I’ve gotten the chance to perform hearing screens on newborns, given newborns their first bath, assisted with 24-hour testing, helped bottle feed, done footprints on souvenir birth certificates, seen a complete blood count test, and witnessed oxygen needing to be given,” she said.

Along with learning how to interact and care for patients, the internship has also provided her opportunities to work with the hospital’s other patient care team members, including doctors and technicians.

Working with mothers and newborns is a nursing path she discovered she loved while completing her maternal-newborn course at Southeast.

“My professor, Dr. Moretta Burk, opened my eyes to an area of nursing that I never had thought about before,” she said.

Her internship with OSF allows her to put into practice the skills and knowledge she’s learned about caring for new mothers, newborns and their families during this special time in their lives.

“OSF has allowed me to look at some new possibilities, and I think my heart lies with Acute OB or pediatrics,” Milashoski said. “I would not have been able to say that with confidence before my internship. I have gotten to do and see so much that I can’t thank OSF enough for this opportunity.”

Milashoski credits much of her success at OSF to the faculty and clinical opportunities at Southeast. The personal support and dynamic nursing program instilled the confidence she needed to apply for and pursue a student nurse internship, she said.

“The faculty in the Department of Nursing are the best of the best,” she said. “Throughout clinical days in my first two semesters, my instructors pushed me with supportive arms to be the best that I can be. They gave me confidence that I carry with me and always will.”

Milashoski hopes to gain real-world experiences from her time at OSF that will prepare her for her final year at Southeast and a career after graduating in May 2020.

“I feel so much more prepared to go into my last year of nursing school and after graduating from Southeast,” she said. “From this experience, I hope to know what area of nursing I want to go into once I graduate and know that I can do it and help others.”