Southeast Partnering on Front-line Research Facility to Boost Poultry Industry


poultry buildingsCAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo., Dec. 5, 2014 — Southeast Missouri State University’s Center for Environmental Analysis and Institute for Environmental Health Assessment and Patient Centered Outcomes has partnered with a national corporation, Mountain Wood Products, LLC, to perform research creating a cutting-edge practice for use in the poultry industry.

The integrated system is unlike any system in the industry and is designed to meet the consumer’s desire for antibiotic-free products, said Dr. John Kraemer, director of the Center and chief executive officer of the Institute.

Mountain Wood Products, LLC, is completing a $100,000 research facility, Windy Bluff Research Station, for the Center to develop and test the systems.  The research facility is located on the site of Southeast’s former University Farm north of Cape Girardeau and includes three 600-square-foot buildings.

Mountain Wood Products LLC is located in Smyrna, Georgia. Its natural food grade solution was created to develop new proprietary technology that can be used in the treatment of floor bedding for poultry houses.

The Center for Environmental Analysis will perform analytical testing and patent development, and the Institute will examine the effectiveness of the system to improve air quality and human health, Kraemer said. Work at the facility will begin this month.

He says he is excited about the promising future of the system and the effects it will have on the poultry industry.

“It will be an excellent opportunity for our environmental science and biological science students to participate in valuable applied research that has the potential to affect agricultural practices around the globe,” Kraemer said.